100 percent pure

How to Choose Pure 100 Percent Kona Coffee

Arabica coffee is the most popular and favorable among the coffee lovers. It is become more popular with full bodied and mellow taste. One of the popular Arabica types is Kona coffee. Many gourmet coffees are looking for this 100 kona coffee. Because of it’s smooth flavor and very rich taste. Although it is quite expensive, many of gourmet coffees are not problem with that. They said Taste is everything no matter cost is.
The beans are only produced in Hawaii Island. Every coffee lover around the world is after it. The price is pretty expensive than other coffee type because of its rareness finding in the market. Because of Kona becomes expensive coffee, many coffee manufacture mix them with regular coffee. So the price can become averagely cheap. Usually the blend contains only 10% and 20% Brazilian or Colombian varieties of Kona blend.
100 percent pure
Kona becomes popular since many people visiting the Hawaii Island. From this island, many coffee connoisseurs enjoy to drink purely 100 percent Kona instead of Kona blend which contain only 80%.
In the United States, the coffee bean which labeled Kona coffee actually contain only 10% pure Kona beans. The other 90% contain Brazilian or Colombian coffee beans. But the Federal law in United States determines with sure that product label does not necessary to be exact match with the proportion of the product. Differs from US laws, Hawaiian federal state with clearly tells that product label of Kona coffee must be precisely exact with the product proportion. If the label tells 100 percent of Kona coffee, it must be precisely 100 % Kona coffee of the product proportion.
So if you want to purchase the pure 100 percent of Kona, you should purchase it directly to the Hawaii Island. But the question is Can I buy the 100% Kona as I buy in Hawaii The answer is yes you can. It is simple, just check the production made. If it is made from Hawaii Island, you can be sure about the label and proportion of the product. But perhaps the taste could be different from its original purchased from Hawaii. The reason is about time delivery, it took a lot of time to deliver from Hawaii to your state. Because it is a very long time, it would be effect to the taste.
If you never try the 100 percent Kona, I suggest trying it. I am sure you can enjoy the taste, flavor and imagine the beauty of Hawaii Island with 100 percent Kona coffee.

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