3 Common Muscle Building Obstacles

3 Common Muscle Building Obstacles
Every year, scores of people dash to their local gym, seemingly determined to change their bodies once and for all. Most of them utter novices, they seem blissfully unaware that the road ahead is filled with multiple obstacles. In this write up we are going to look at the common muscle building obstacles that I faced at the very beginning of my journey. I’ll also suggest ways on how to circumvent them and overcome the uphill struggle toward getting that ripped, muscular body you have always hoped for.
1. Disorganisation – Very late in my bodybuilding, I suddenly discovered that the most successful guys have a ‘system’. Everything is boiled down into a SIMPLE process that they follow DAILY. Moreover, it took these guys many, many years to get there. This is why it is crucial to always have a ‘program’ to follow in the gym. Randomly popping in the gym and attacking every machine available is unproductive and you’ll end up confusing yourself. The same thing applies to your diet.
They only have a shortlist of foods they have on a daily basis. The ‘balanced diet’ theory is fast becoming unpopular because it’s so ambiguous. The smartest people eat for their goals. So ask yourself this; do you have a workout plan? Do you have a shortlist of great foods to eat on a daily basis? If not, then your focus and organisation need evaluating.
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2. Mindset – Some people claim not to be motivated. If you have ever achieved anything in your life, no matter how insignificant, you have some motivation and drive within you somewhere. However, unless you anchor it to your goal of getting pathetically ripped, then I’m afraid you are not going to achieve your objective. Motivation and drive are finite resources and they are unwisely spent on pursuits that offer little in the way of long term gratification. So you have to find a way to obsess over your goal to make success inevitable.
There will be days where you’ll feel deflated and unwilling to go to the gym. It’s on occasions such as these where you will need to rally up all your mojo and get yourself to the gym. So are you totally obsessed with having a fitness model body? Is it all you think about? Are you willing to do anything to get it?
3. Pain Tolerance – A low threshold for pain is another reason people easily quit bodybuilding and start to deem it too hard. By far the weakest point are the wrists and the forearms. The forearms are volatile and very quick to burn and since most upper body bodybuilding exercises engage the forearms in some way, they are quick to protest. It takes many months of mental conditioning before you are able to just ignore the pain and just get on with it.

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