3 Main Causes of Itchy Stretch Marks

3 Main Causes of Itchy Stretch Marks
Stretch marks make people extremely self-conscious and develop low self esteem. Not only that, stretch marks can also cause a lot of physical discomfort. Many people complain about itchiness that comes with stretch marks. But what exactly are the causes of itchy stretch marks?
Small raised red spots that develop on stretch marks and are itchy at the same time may be polymorphic eruption of pregnancy or PEP. PEP is basically a rash that could proliferate to other parts of the body like the breast, arms and thighs. It is known to be associated with the skin stretching, which usually occurs in women during pregnancy when there is rapid weight gain. The itchy sensation often goes away in about 7 days, however, it may not settle entirely until after childbirth. If the itchiness becomes almost unbearable, you may be prescribed with antihistamines or a steroid cream.
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There are other causes of PEP (also known as PUPPP or pruritic urticarial papules and placques of pregnancy). PUPPP is also known to run in families, usually traced through the father’s side. Upon doctor’s go signal, you may use natural stretch mark creams to ease the severity of itchness and treat stretch marks at the same time. What’s great about natural stretch mark creams is that they contain both powerful and soothing properties like aloe vera.
A major cause of PUPPP aside from pregnancy is rapid weight gain. On average, people who have PUPP have more weight gain and babies that weigh more than usual. It is understandable that a rash can develop alongside stretch marks because stretch marks basically form over skin that has been overly stretched to its limits and become highly sensitive. The skin becomes stretched, dry, and inflexible, therefore becoming more prone to PUPPP. The results are itchy stretch marks with reddish bumps all over.

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