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Best Acne Treatment Is A 4 Step Process

While you are looking for the best acne treatment, you have to know that genetics play a big role in determining your skin structure. It means that from the womb, it is being determined if you are going to grow up with an acne prone skin or be blessed without the flaws. Lucky for those who have great skin; but how about the other side of the table? What if you are bound to have the bumps, blemishes and scars?
You must be ready for that. According to dermatologists or certified skin doctors, there are ways to combat your acne prone skin: cleanse, tone, medicate and moisturize. Here is a complete acne skin treatment:
1. Cleanse – You have to wash your face with a soap-free and non-comedogenic facial cleanser. The first step to treating your acne prone skin is to have it clean by washing away bacteria and other dirt on your face. Also, make up must be removed thoroughly so that when you put on your acne topical cream, the medicine will properly be absorbed. That is the whole point of having to cleanse the face first and foremost.
2. Tone – An oil free and alcohol free toner is the best solution for acne prone skin. This is another vital procedure in keeping your face healthy because the toner wipes away the excess oil that the cleanser was not able to scrub out and take out the smudges of makeup that cannot be undone by a facial wash. Other than that, it neutralizes and kills all the bacteria forming substances on your face, that is after cleansing, which can irritate your skin and then cause the acne.
acne best treatment
How to properly use the toner: Clean your hands with a mild anti bacterial soap before application. With a cotton ball, moisten it just enough to have the whole ball semi-filled with the solution. Apply on the face starting from the chin going upward. Do that routine until your whole face has been treated. Don’t forget about the neck as well.
3. Medicate – The cleansing and toning parts are just a pre-requisite to medicating your acne prone face. Acne needs special attention and like any health issue (it is a skin problem, you know), it must be dealt with accordingly.
You need to have an acne treatment program. We review several options based on the customer satisfaction and here is the best acne treatment that can be purchased online. It is Acnezine Solution. It is a complete and all-natural based topical and oral acne treatment that ends acne at the root source. It also treats future outbreaks that you don’t even see yet!
First step in medicating is applying the Acnezine Treatment/Moisturizing Cream. It has benzoyl peroxide which quickly acts on the cystic formations on your face. Within 3 days of application, you are sure to find changes in your skin: your acne will have a decrease in swelling, redness is diminished and the big pimples will soon dry up and heal on its own.
Second step is to take their Acnezine Skin Antioxidant. This is an oral type of medication that clears up your acne from within. With its antioxidant properties, it flushes out all the toxins in your body that helps create acne. Not only that, your face will clear up in as little as 2 weeks and expect your chest and back to feel smooth as well. That’s right; it is a whole body “get-rid-of-acne” solution.
4. Moisturize – Most people think that when you have an oily face or if you have severe acne, then, you don’t have to moisturize. That is very wrong. Even oily skin needs to be hydrated. Just decide on getting a water-based gel moisturizer or an oil-free face lotion which will complement with your skin. It must have SPF properties too – you need to protect your skin from harmful sun rays.
If you are searching for the best acne treatment you have to be aware that it won’t be just a single solution. It is always a multiple step process. All you need are 4 simple steps and you are on your way to an acne free skin. Acne can be eliminated and it is up to you to choose if you want that to happen. This is a great tool in helping you fight your bacteria-composed acne.

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