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Acne Diet Rule 4 – Avoid All Dairy Products

Did you know that one of the primary causes of acne is consuming dairy products?
Dairy has been associated with acne and other inflammatory disease. Why is this? Because most people are allergic to cow’s milk, whether they know it or not. You have to realize that cow’s milk was first of all designed for baby cows – not for adult humans. This means the milk is loaded with cow hormones, cow proteins, cow immune cells, and other cow-specific nutrients.
Cow’s milk has three major purposes in nature:
1) Help baby cows develop strong, healthy cow immune systems.
2) Help baby cows gain hundreds of pounds in a few months.
3) Give baby cows the right hormones to develop and mature.
If you want to gain weight quickly and be exposed cow hormones and cow immune cells, then you should drink as much dairy as possible so that you, like the baby cows, can gain weight and be loaded with hormones.
acne dairy products
Acne has long been associated with imbalanced hormones – and one of the major reasons acne has become so common is because we consume more and more hormones now than ever before, from sources like dairy. Furthermore, conventional dairy farmers add artificial growth hormones (along with antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals) to the cows feed, which of course you then consume in the milk. It’s hard for the human body to maintain a natural hormone balance when you’re consuming extra hormones from dairy on a regular basis.
Furthermore, conventional dairy is pasteurized and homogenized. What does this mean?
Pasteurization is a process of exposing the milk to extremely high temperatures, in order to ensure no dangerous bacteria (like e. coli) are allowed to grow and make you very, very ill. This is essential that conventional milk be pasteurized today because, well, many people would die otherwise. Much of the milk would be contaminated with e. coli and other bacteria (because of the unclean environments and unhealthy cows). The problem with pasteurization is that it destroys all the enzymes and probiotics that would provide some health benefits from the milk.
Secondly, all conventional milk is homogenized. This means all the fat is broken down into very tiny fat molecules – so tiny that your body doesn’t know what to do with these fat molecules. So the molecules stick to the sides of your blood vessels causing damage and promoting plaque and hardeing of the arteries and lodge in your organs causing damage as well. These homogenized fats can also get stuck in your skin, causing inflammation and damage. Hint: Acne.
Still not convinced that dairy is a major contributor to acne?
Just listen to others who have gotten rid of there acne by cutting out dairy. You can find literally thousands of stories online of people who have gotten rid of their acne simply by cutting out dairy from their diets. RatherBeSkating from the forums writes, “O.K so I decided to try cutting dairy out of my diet for a few days and seeing if it helped my skin out. Within a few days my existing nodules had completely gone, and [I] didn’t get any more.”

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