acne scar treatment cream

Acne Scar Cream Solutions
For the acne sufferer, concerns about appearance are often a struggle.
As unsightly as acne is, nagging self-consciousness often develops into full fledged anxiety when the acne fades and scars are left in the wake. Although effective treatments such as acne scar cream are available, it is important for those afflicted by acne to understand the causes of scarring, preventative measures, and treatment of scars in order to minimize unsightly skin damage.
Not everyone experiences significant scarring from blemishes. Although it is not known why acne scars result for some and not others, they are caused by the body’s natural immune response to the bacteria, natural oils, and dead skin cells in the plugged sebaceous follicle.
acne scar treatment cream
When the body attempts to repair the damaged skin, scars result from two responses. When the immune system does a sloppy job and repairs with too little tissue, the resulting scar will be depressed, known as ice pick scarring. When the immune system is overzealous and repairs with too much tissue, the resulting scar will be thick and raised, also known as keloid scarring.
For those individuals prone to scarring, it is vital that the acne not be allowed to run it’s course. Obtaining and using an acne scar cream will minimize the formation of scarring.
Mothers and gaggles of pubescent girls often chant the mantra, “never pick at pimples.” Though the somewhat distasteful practice may be tempting in an attempt to move along the process, Mom and the girls are right.
“Popping” a blemish is the worst thing an acne sufferer can do to create scars. If an over or underactive immune response is triggered by a blemish, then an inflamed, infected blemish will provoke an even more severe response. Using an appropriate skin care regimen that includes an acne scar cream and resisting the temptation to police offending loitering blemishes will result in fewer acne scars.
There are many treatments available for acne scars, but in most cases, using an effective acne scar cream will be enough to reduce the severity, size and appearance of acne related scarring. However, for severe scarring, additional treatments may be performed under the supervision of a dermatologist.

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