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How to Compare All Natural Beauty Products
All natural beauty products have become all of the rage and there are good reasons for their increase in popularity. The cosmetic industry is known to use hundreds of chemicals that are toxic and cause damage to the skin’s health.

It is important to learn how to compare this new category of cosmetics. While naturally occurring ingredients are certainly safer than artificial chemicals, some are safer than others.

There are also some ingredients that are more effective than others, especially if you are concerned about the visible signs of aging. Here’s a look at the safest and most effective ingredients. When you are comparing all natural beauty products, these are the ingredients to look for.

Grape Seed Oil

Grape seed oil is one of the most effective all-natural moisturizers. It is safe for use by all skin types, because it is non-greasy. It is very similar to the skin’s own oils in terms of the fatty acids it contains. Because of that, it is readily absorbed into the skin’s layers. Grape seed oil is also a source of vitamin E, which is a potent antioxidant that has been shown to prevent age spots.

all natural beauty products

Avocado Oil or Extract

Avocado oil is also a good source of vitamin E, but it has an additional benefit that has not been seen with grape seed oil. It has been shown to cause an increase in the amount of collagen present in the skin.

The skin’s collagen content normally decreases with age. This leads to sagging, decreased skin thickness and increased transparency. Loss of collagen can lead to dark circles beneath the eyes, because the tiny blood vessels beneath the skin’s surface become visible due to the increased transparency.

Avocado oil is a little heavier than grape seed oil. So, it is usually recommended for use at night. An additional benefit of using a cream containing avocado oil at night is because that is when damage repair occurs. Damage done to the skin today may be repaired at night if you give your skin the right tools.

Active Manuka Honey

Many all natural beauty products contain some type of honey. Historically honey has been used to treat skin conditions and provide other benefits to the skin’s appearance.

All varieties of honey have some antioxidant and antimicrobial activity. Active manuka honey, which comes from New Zealand, has been found to have more antioxidant and antimicrobial activity than other varieties.

All natural beauty products containing active manuka honey can help to heal pimples and other blemishes. They may reduce your risk of staph and other bacterial infections. They may also reduce overgrowth of P acnes bacteria, which plays a role in acne. You can find the ingredient in the better facial cleansers, the better under-eye gels and also in the better night creams.

Other Good Ingredients

Some of the other good ingredients are Shea butter, Babassu wax, wakame kelp extracts and the protein keratin. Each is accompanied by unique benefits when applied to the skin. Before you buy all natural beauty products, you might want to learn more about those ingredients. It will help you compare the cleansers, creams and lotions available today.

all natural beauty products

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