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Is Your Herbal Colon Cleanse All Natural?

People who choose to cleanse their colons oftentimes purchase products they believe to be all natural; however, in many cases, many herbal colon cleanse products labeled in this manner are not natural. Well, at least they are not as natural as one would think them to be with an “all natural” label on the bottle. A true herbal colon cleanser is in fact made with all natural ingredients and do not come pre-packaged with any filler or unnecessary and possibly toxic and cancer causing ingredients, as many do.
Some examples of the typical ingredients found within an all natural herbal colon cleanser include psyllium, flaxseed, Cascara Sagrada, otherwise known as Buckthorn shrub (which has ultimately been banned by the FDA in 2002 for use in medicinal supplements but not from use as a dietary supplement), senna, Turkey Rhubarb, Blackseed, Wormseed and others. Some ingredients that sound a bit more familiar and are gentler on the system include Marshmallow, Dandelion, Black Radish and Rhubarb roots, Aloe, Red Clover and Cayenne Pepper. All of these ingredients are indeed natural and aid digestion and cleansing in some way.
all natural cleanse
However, many companies that manufacture colon cleanse supplements add filler ingredients and other ingredients that have no business being added. Not only can the following ingredients harm the user, but they can make digestion more difficult and cause toxicity in higher levels. These filler and unnecessary ingredients include Magnesium stearate, Silicon dioxide, food glaze, methylcellulose, carnauba wax (which is used to make candles, lip balm and known to cause cancer in very high doses) and apple pectin. Another ingredient found in many colon cleansing products that many are unsure as to whether it is necessary or helpful includes Bentonite Clay, which is a natural clay substance that acts as a natural charcoal does, soaking up toxins and effectively removes them from the digestive system.
A product called Bowtrol claims to be the number one selling herbal colon cleansing product available and it is quite popular. The makers of it claim it to be an all-natural herbal colon cleanser with the ability to clean a colon as none other can. However, if a user takes a closer look at the ingredients, they will notice that they are different from other products. For example, Bowtrol contains Cascara Sagrada, Bentonite Clay, Slippery Elm, Senna, Black Seeds, Powdered Thyme Oil, Garlic Extract, Organic Cloves, Turkey Rhubarb Aloe, Peppermint, Flax Seed, Extract of Olive Leaf and Wormseed. While most of these ingredients are known to be used in a cleanser such as this, it is different than any other cleanser on the market, because no added fillers or unnecessary ingredients are found in the product.
One think to remember is that using anything that contains psyllium or senna, which could be classified as unnecessary ingredients, could in fact irritate the digestive tract and colon because they make the tract contract in order to expel the waste product from the colon. This can cause excess bloating and cramping, both of which many consumers find very uncomfortable. When beginning any new routine, always check with a doctor first, especially if using an herbal colon cleanse product.

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