all natural hair gel

All Natural Hair Gel
Hair gel? What is it and is it good for your hair? Below I will discuss the several caveats to using gel as a styling product and then discuss some long-term effects of overuse. I should tell you that all commercial hair products contain harmful chemicals in them and these chemicals can cause hair issues. So you are always better off selecting natural hair gels
Here are some facts about hair gels
The best use of a hair gel is for hairstyle that are Short or spiky look. This is so because all that is needed is a simple hold and a gel provides this quite well. If you have a long mane, a gel is not your best option because it will make your tresses stiff and unnatural looking. Having said that there are some exceptions to this rule. Some hairstyles like Mohawks or finger waves do need larger applications of gel, as a hold is essential to maintain this hairstyle no matter the length.
all natural hair gel
Hair gels are made of water. This is what gives it its viscous nature. Gels have other ingredients in them such as polymers, plasticizers and wax. Most also contain parabens and parabens have been shown to be dangerous to the body.
If you allergic, a hair gel is not the best thing to use for styling your mane. The fragrance and filler they contain can irritate your allergies. Gels have a drying effect on the mane and scalp thanks to the alcohol and plasticizers they contain. And the other minor chemical components they contain have also been shown to cause hair loss, affect everything from fertility to liver and kidney function. Gels also clog up hair pores and suffocate the hair follicles resulting in hair loss.
There are other products that mimic the hold effects of hair gels but they too tend to be dangerous for you. Commercial products like hairspray, pomade, wax, mousse, cream and clay all offer some holing and styling effect but they too come with dangerous side effects and potential hair loss
So what is the solution to styling the hair you want without the side effects?
The option is to use natural herbal hair gels. Such products can be found which are 100% natural and contain ingredients like Aloe Vera and hibiscus extracts. These extracts will not only hold up your hair for any hairstyle. They will also nurture and promote hair growth.
The one I recommend which is 100% natural and does contain both hibiscus and Aloe Vera is Mira herbal gel. You simply apply the gel two ways. If you wish to promote hair growth apply it to spots that are balding or thinning. If you wish to use as a holding or styling gel: Simply take a little and style your tresses as necessary.
Mira hair gel contains hibiscus which has been shown to boost the anagen phase of hair growth by 80% and Aloe Vera which also helps grow longer, thicker hair.

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