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Daily Anti Aging Cream
A lot of women struggle with keeping their skin clean and fresh from oils and toxins, which is why they use daily anti aging cream products to fight off dirt and chemicals.
However, not all women share the same cream-tolerant skin nor do all women struggle with the same skin problems.
Some women might find it difficult to keep their skin moisturized for a long time, which is why they use anti aging creams that can assist in keeping moisture underneath the skin longer.
Other women find it difficult to hide fine lines and wrinkles on their face and at the same time, fight skin damage, so they tend to use creams that solve problems.
The type of daily anti aging cream you use greatly depends on your skin condition. Creams tested on Western skin, for example, react differently when applied to Asian skin, and vise versa.
Once you know the best daily anti aging cream for your skin, it will be easier for you to find effective solutions to all of your skin problems.
All it takes to identify your skin type is a single sheet of oil strip or a tissue.
First, clean your face and pat it dry. Wait for an hour or so and take your tissue or oil strip and make a few dabs around your face. If your tissue is filled with oil traces or residue, then, you have oily skin.
If the oil residue is minimal, you have a well-balanced skin type, but if you do not see a single trace of oil, you probably have dry skin.
anti aging cream
Aside from identifying your skin type, it is also important to know how your skin would react to cleansers, lotions and creams.
It is important to observe your skin under various conditions– when you apply make-up, does you skin feel itchy? When the temperature suddenly changes, do you get red rashes on your face or do you begin to itch all over?
If your answer is yes to all or any of these situations, then you might have sensitive skin. Once you understand your skin condition, it will be easier for you to pick the right daily anti aging cream for your face.
Knowing your skin will also help you pick effective anti aging creams. If you have oily skin, you might need a cream that contains more Vitamin E since it helps in keeping moisture and controls oil production on your face.
If you worry about wrinkles and acne, you might need Green Tea extracts in your daily anti aging cream regimen since it contains anti-oxidant properties.
Also, if you feel as though you have too many fine lines and wrinkles for someone your age, then a daily anti aging cream that contains Cynergy TK would be the best product to pick. Cynergy TK can hasten collagen production and strengthen skin elasticity.
Knowing your skin type will make it easier for you to pick the best creams that should be used on your face and prevent you from using products that could worsen your skin condition.
If you are still doubtful of your skin type, ask a dermatologist for some expert advice.
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