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Making Your Own Acne Scar Cream
Finding an acne scar cream can be a tough job. You can usually find it in your local drugstores nearby which can be really expensive. Not only that it’s expensive, it can also have unwanted chemicals that can damage your skin. Why not make your own acne blemish cream rather than buying an expensive scar cream which contains unpleasant chemicals in them? Making your own acne scar cream is really not that costly and would not take a lot of time; in fact it can be made which only requires a few hours. It can basically be made by just following some simple instructions. It is trouble-free and has a great effect in removing your acne. Here’s how to make your own acne scar cream:
anti scarring cream
1. First thing to do is to gather the necessary ingredients. What you need to collect to make your own acne mark cream are vitamin E oils, beeswax, cocoa butter, virgin olive oil, grape seeds and some other essential oils that you want to add in your acne scar cream.
2. Pulverize the beeswax lightly and mix it up with coca butter in a boiler. Heat a pan, and add some water. Once the water is properly heated (boiling), add in the beeswax, cocoa butter, grape seeds into it.
3. After pouring the ingredients into the pan, add a small amount of warm water in the concoction, and stir it up using a mixer. Keep adding water into the mixture until 2-3 tablespoons of water is consumed.
4. After adding water, turn off the heat and put plain tap water into the mixture until it is totally immersed in the mixture. This is the last step on how to make your own acne blemish cream. What is left for you to do is to wait until the mixture begins to thicken. After the concoction is thick, you can now add the Vitamin E oils and the other essential oils that you wanted to add on your mixture. After adding the last set of ingredients to your mixture, making sure that it is mixed well, you can now use it or store it in a cool dry place away from sunlight for future use.
Now that you have created your own acne scar cream, you can now apply it into your face and feel the effectiveness of the cream you made. In just a few days, all your acne problems would be gone. There are different ways of making your own acne mark cream.

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