asthma guidelines

Asthma Guidelines
Asthma guidelines helps to prevent and also to treat the condition. For one to be able to use the guidelines appropriately, the symptoms of asthma have got to be clear. These symptoms include; coughing, wheezing, shortness of breathe and tightness of chest. Once the symptoms are known, proper precautions can be taken to be able to control any attacks.
asthma guidelines
In the instance of an asthma attack, the patient should not be let to lie down but should be let to sit up and all clothes loosened. The patient should be in a place that is well conditioned with fresh air. The environment around should not be crowded. These are the basic first aid tips. Asthma guidelines prevent attacks form occurring and this can be done by giving the appropriate medication. The medication vary such as inhalers; preventions and relievers.
Preventive inhalers are used to present asthma attacks while reliever inhalers are used to bring relief to the patient during attacks. Asthma guidelines involves all asthmatic patients to carry with them inhalers for it is not known when an attack may occur. Steroid tablets are also used to treat asthma and especially to prevent attacks. They should be taken as prescribed.
Another form of treatment that can be used as an asthma guideline is therapy. It helps to lessen the attack in a patient. Attention ought to be paid when administering therapy treatment because it is given to different patients in diverse ways. This is because the causes of asthma vary from one patient to another. Therapy therefore, is good to patients with severe asthma. If a patient follows the asthma guidelines, he or she should be able to manage the condition.

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