beauty products to make at home

Organic Beauty Products You Can Make At Home
Women today are switching to organic beauty products because they want to care for their skin the way they care for the rest of their bodies. Millions are choosing organic foods and produce in order to live a safer and healthier life. It’s a wonderful way to make sure you are doing your best to eliminate unwanted chemicals.
What most women don’t realize is that there have always been organic alternatives and many are found right in your own kitchen. Why not take the all natural products you buy to eat and combine them to make your very own special beauty recipes? There are some really wonderful ingredients found at home that naturally do the job of more expensive products. It is fun, feels great and is super easy on the budget.
beauty products to make at home
To cleanse and protect your face try mixing cucumbers, plain yogurt, lemon juice (from real lemons) and a little olive oil in a blender until smooth and apply generously and leave on for five minutes. Then rinse off with warm or cool water like you would any over the counter cleanser. You’ll love the smell and cool fresh feeling and it is also a great recipe for fading freckles and brown spots on the face and body.
To soften the hands and feet try a simple mixture of plain white sugar and olive oil. Put some sugar in a bowl and stir in a teaspoon of oil at a time until you have thick, sand like substance. Olive oil has been used for centuries as a moisturizer, it protects the skin and helps keep moisture where it belongs. The sugar creates a wonderful, grainy scrub that dissolves quickly and easily, leaving the skin feeling super soft and naturally beautiful.
Ginger is another wonderful ingredient to use as a fresh scent for lotion or bath oils. To extract the oil from the ginger you will need to buy some large pieces of fresh ginger from the grocery store. Peel the ginger by scraping it with the edge of a spoon and then heat it slightly in a microwave oven for 30 seconds. This begins to release the oils then grate the pieces with the small holes of a cheese grater. This produces a ginger pulp that can be mixed with your homemade lotions or oils for a wonderful natural scent.
These are just a few of the tips you can find for making your own organic beauty products at home. They really work and you can make extra to pass along to your friends and family as gifts just buy a few small containers, make a label and add a pretty bow. Just make sure they know to use the products right away, since there are no preservatives. Experiment and have some fun with it!

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