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Find Your Best Body Cleanse

Choosing you best body cleanse can be a challenge if you don’t know what to look for. The following guide will help you make a choice that suits your goals and lifestyle.
First – a quick lesson on how detoxification and your body’s cleansing systems work. Toxins from the entire body must travel through the bloodstream. Your body attempts to protect itself by killing or neutralizing the toxins (if it can) and then carrying the toxins out either through your lymphatic system or your bloodstream. These toxins will be taken to either the liver or kidneys for elimination.
The kidneys will filter waste and send it to the bladder for removal. If taken to the liver, toxins will then go (or are supposed to go) to the gallbladder, small intestine then colon and out. All of these organs have their role in helping the process. But, because of the toxic overload of modern society, any of these organs can get sluggish and accumulate waste. This is where a body cleanse comes in – to help us rid the excess waste so the organs can once again work at full capacity.
best body cleanse
There are many different types of programs to choose from, each using different herbs and nutrients. These herbs and nutrients give your organs the extra nutrition needed to do their jobs. Since different herbs have different nutrients and different nutrients are needed by different organs, your chosen cleanse will depend on which system you want cleansed or strengthened.
Knowing that our bodies are all made with the same organs that are made to do the same work, let’s look at the personal differences we encounter. Each of us can have weakness of blockages in different areas of the body. This will depend on what you were born with, your lifestyle and perhaps even genetics. But your organs will still need to function to cleanse your body – that will not change.
So from there, you have to decide which organ or system you want to focus on. As far as which organ or system to cleanse, there are clues to look for. Here are a few things to consider when researching a body cleanse.
If you work around a lot of chemicals or pesticides, or live in a highly industrial area, a metal cleanse might be a wise choice. This type of cleanse may help with skin problems, immunity and moods.
A kidney cleanse is designed to help clear your bladder and your blood which will affect your circulatory system. This in turn will affect your skin, hair, hormonal system and can help your body eliminate kidney stones.
An artery cleanse is designed to help clear and strengthen your cardiovascular system.
A liver/gallbladder cleanse and a parasite cleanse can help with weight issues, strengthen immunity, and can give you more energy. You might try this if you eat at restaurants quite often or if you frequently travel.
Now we just have the question of where to begin. A general colon cleanse is the best place for anyone to start. This will help clear your small intestine so that the liver and gallbladder have a place to bring their waste. Also, since water is absorbed from the colon and sent to the kidneys for elimination, a colon cleanse will ease the toxic burden of that area also.
It is important to eat a cleansing diet along with your program, no matter which cleanse you choose. This is important so that you don’t add to the toxic overload already on your body. In addition, it takes the burden off of your digestive system and metabolism so that your body can put more energy into cleansing.
We all could probably use each one of the body cleanses at some point. Decide on your immediate needs, follow your chosen program and eat healthy. This will help you to get the most out of any body cleanse program.

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