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Best Diet For Diabetic Children

Diabetic children need to be placed on an exclusive diet which enables them to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. Proper sugar levels are critical in ensuring that children have sufficient energy requirements for the day. The type of diet chosen for a diabetic child will hinge on the severity of the disease. However, it is crucial that you talk to a dietitian or physician in order to identify the best diet that will help in managing the condition.
Significance of the diet
The best way to manage diabetes in children is to feed them a well-balanced meal. There are different types of foods that can be utilized for this cause. The easiest is the Food Pyramid Guide. This type of diet is thought to be efficient for most children diagnosed with diabetes. Other methods that can be applied in managing diabetes in children include:
best diet
– Carbohydrates counting.
– Diabetic Exchange List.
Type I diabetes denotes when the body ceases to produce insulin which is essential in converting digested meals into energy. Type I diabetes is quite prevalent in children compared to adults. Type I diabetes is thought to be triggered by viruses, being exposed to toxic chemicals plus drugs and immune conditions. Type II diabetes is the most prevalent type of diabetes. A majority of children suffering from Type II diabetes are mostly overweight. Therefore, the best way to manage and prevent Type II diabetes is through the diet.
Purpose of food regimen for diabetic children
Carefully check the food labels when adhering to a diet. It is important to determine the amount of starch, calories, sodium, cholesterol, fat and sugar that the food is made up of. Try as much as possible to avoid feeding diabetic children with foods prepared using trans-fat. Calorie content is obtained after preparing and weighing the food. Food stuffs are weighed in grams. A gram is equal to roughly 0.125 ounces. Therefore accuracy when measuring the food is of critical importance. Children who rely on insulin injections should be given food at the appropriate time in order to ensure that blood glucose level is stabilized. The same applies even if the child is not dependent on oral medications in order to guarantee proper health.
Carbohydrates are known to have a huge impact on blood sugar levels. Hence, diabetic children should minimize carbohydrate intake to roughly 5mgs per serving. Starch ought to form approximately 40% of the total calories.
If your child has been diagnosed with diabetes, it is important to consult a physician to determine the best meals to prepare for your child. High or low intake of a particular nutrient can have a negative impact on your child’s health.

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