best facial hair removal cream

Best Facial Hair Removal Methods
If you are troubled by those little thick dark hairs on your face that just wont go away, maybe its time you considered a more effective treatment. Facial Laser hair
removal treatments are slowly overtaking other hair removal procedures because they are safe on most skin types, cause hardly any pain and most patients see up to 70%
reduction in visible hair growth after just three sessions.
Although you may have to consider doing maintenance treatments for the complete removal of facial hair; the hair that grows back after a laser procedure is usually
less noticeable and finer in texture.
Lets take a look at some other popular methods to remove facial hair.
Electrolysis – After laser treatments, electrolysis is the second most preferred option for removing facial hair. With this treatment, low level electricity charges
are applied to the hair follicle in order to inhibit any further growth and without damaging the surrounding skin.
This procedure can be performed on dark skinned people as well as on those who have hair that is white or blond in color. On the other hand, the number of sessions and
the time required to permanently remove hair puts a lot of people off this very effective procedure not to mention the pain they must also endure.
best facial hair removal cream
Waxing – Waxing is a good method to treat large areas of skin at once. Not only does it removes dead skin but also decreases the thickness of hair after a few
sessions. Although people do wax their chin, cheeks and upper lip, this is not advised since the skin on the face tends to be more sensitive. This could result in a
tingling sensation, pain or even redness of the skin. Waxing is usually not recommended for dark skin as the chance of skin irritation and inflammation is higher. The
results usually last for around 2- 4 weeks.
Depilatory Creams – These strong smelling creams (some with a growth inhibitor) simply dissolve the hair itself. They are a good last minute solution because the
creams usually do not take more than ten minutes to work on the skin and are great for large areas like the back or legs. However, when used on the face; the chemicals
in the cream can irritate the skin leading to redness, rashes or skin discoloration and may not remove all the visible hairs. The results usually last for a week or
Plucking – Most women prefer to pluck a few stray hairs on their face using a pair of tweezers, but plucking can be a cumbersome process if there are many dark visible
hairs to remove. The hair grows back within a few days or a week at the most and can cause redness or tiny red bumps on the skin. Plucking is best advised for the
eyebrows and for a few isolated hairs.
Facial Laser Hair Removal can be done for almost all parts of the face such as the chin, upper lip, cheeks, forehead and the nose.
However, this popular procedure is not right for everyone since it largely depends on your skin and hair type so it’s a good idea to meet with your practitioner for a
consultation first to see if this procedure is right for you before signing up.

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