best herbal sleep aid

Best Herbal Sleep Aid
Many people who have trouble sleeping at night don’t want to resort to harmful medications with nasty proven side-effects. Instead, these people want to find a cure for their insomnia with an herbal sleep supplement. So, which is the best herbal sleep aid? In order to determine which sleep aid is right for you, let’s take a look at a few of the herbal sleep aids on the market.
best herbal sleep aid
Kava: Kava works to alleviate anxiety-related sleep problems. This is the worst possible sleep aid to use because of its severe risk of liver failure, as reported by the FDA. Never take Kava.
Chamomile tea: a great sleep aid, this has been used for thousands of years to alleviate restlessness and promote a gentle, soothing sleep. Chamomile tea, however, is allergenic, and should not be taken by individuals with ragweed allergy. It is also considered to be weak by people with a serious insomnia problem.
Valerian: Valerian has also been used for many centuries as an insomnia remedy. It is thought to work on the GABA receptor, the same receptor affected by sleeping pills. One problem with Valerian is the long time it takes to begin becoming effective: according to some users, Valerian takes up to four weeks to begin working properly to promote healthy sleep. For a hardcore insomniac, this is just too long!
Relaxation techniques: Although they don’t really count as herbs, I thought I would include them because they are sometimes considered a drug-free cure to sleep problems. For many, this is little more than a joke: a true insomniac could never fall asleep just by relaxing the mind and body alone. No, the best herbal sleep aid should be sought by people with insomnia to relieve this tragic problem.

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