best low cholesterol recipes

Why Choosing Low Cholesterol Recipes is Good For You

Now that more people are becoming conscious about their health, there is also an increase in demand for low cholesterol recipes. Cholesterol is one of the major culprits in many diseases, especially when it comes to heart conditions. While it is needed by the body for normal function, there needs to be a balance between the good and bad cholesterol, and bad cholesterol or LDL should be kept at a minimum level.
One’s diet affects cholesterol levels greatly. In many people with high cholesterol, poor food choice is a common cause. You can keep your cholesterol levels normal by making use of low cholesterol recipes and by avoiding foods that are on the high cholesterol food list.
best low cholesterol recipes
Among the foods known to be high in cholesterol are mainly animal products like beef, pork, poultry, egg yolks, and dairy products. Processed and prepared foods like muffins, pastries, and cookies are also high in both cholesterol and trans fat. Foods that are deep fried and fast food also have a high cholesterol content.
Foods that are high in cholesterol should be avoided. If not, it is best to limit their intake. Instead of choosing take out and fast food, make a home cooked meal instead. This way, you can control the amount of oil, seasoning, and other ingredients you use in cooking.
Low cholesterol recipes are delicious and healthy at the same time so take the time to prepare them. Many low cholesterol recipes are made to be not only healthy but flavorful and you can find these in various cookbooks or on the internet.
For healthier meals, you can also reduce the amount of meat in your dish. Choose lean cuts of meat and trim the meat before cooking. Instead of meat, why not try seafood like fish that has been steamed, baked, or even grilled with a mix of colorful veggies? If you can’t do without hamburgers and pork chops, you can broil these instead of pan frying to reduce the amount of oil.
Aside from making healthier food choices, another way you can lower your cholesterol or keep it at a healthy level is by taking a 100% natural supplement that contains plant extracts like policosanol, beta sitosterol, and theaflavin. These ingredients work in unique ways to lower not only cholesterol levels but triglyceride levels as well.
Protect your health by making sure that your bad cholesterol is low while good cholesterol levels are high. Be more conscious of what you eat and choose a natural way of lowering your blood cholesterol.

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