Best Muscle Building Routine – Success made Easy

Best Muscle Building Routine – Success made Easy
A lot of people say that they have the best muscle building routine, that is just better than everyone else’s. I however don’t believe that you can put a label on the different exercises, but there are still some exercises that can be called the best muscle building routine.
The reason on why we can call some exercises the best muscle building routine is because some targets more muscle groups at once. The exercises we are talking about are full body exercises and they are in any shape or form, included in every bodybuilder’s routine.

You can argue that isolation exercises also can be among the best muscle building routine and I agree with that, but for muscle building, I have found that full body exercises does the trick.

Best Muscle Building Routine – Exercises
-Best Muscle Building Routine #1:

The first exercise is undoubtedly the master of leg exercises, it is the squat. Most of us have seen the “experienced” guys do it in the gym and there is a good reason why; it works on all of your leg muscles and since your legs are the biggest muscle group on your body, your metabolism increases and you also lose fat in the process.

-Best Muscle Building Routine #2:

The second exercise is the bench press. We have all seen this, either in the gym or in magazines or TV. That is because the bench press is great for building chest muscle with and it also works on your shoulders and triceps as well. This is without doubt one of the best muscle building routine you can work with.
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The bench press can be done with the incline, decline or flat bench. And to switch it up, I recommend that you also make use of dumbbells, as they make you use the muscles in another way.

-Best Muscle Building Routine #3:

The third one of the best muscle building routine is the dead lift. I call it the badass exercise, as it is one of the toughest, especially if you have not done it before. It works on your back like almost no other exercise, as well as your glutes and forearms.

-Best Muscle Building Routine #4:

I am surprised to hear that this best muscle building routine is not talked about by so many. It is called the dip and works on your triceps, shoulders and chest. You can do it in various ways and depending on what your focus is, you can choose to perform it differently.

This best muscle building routine can also be performed by using a weight belt for more resistance.

Best Muscle Building Routine – Other Full Body Exercises

The above mentioned are just some of the best muscle building routine you can find. However, there are also other exercises that are worth looking into. The pull up, leg press, Arnold dumbbell press, military press, lunges etc.

Put all the best muscle building routine in your schedule and make sure to work on each one of them as you go along.

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Best Muscle Building Routine – Success made Easy

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