best natural sleep aid

Sleep Well Tonight – The Best Natural Sleep Aid
Every now and then, we do get sleepless nights and this is not alarming. However, lack of sleep on a regular basis calls for a special attention. Studies have shown that this inability to sleep well, commonly known as insomnia, can cause impaired mood, memory, and concentration. Thus, before this condition affects your productivity at work, it is best to start looking for the best natural remedies for your insomnia.
There are many natural remedies available today. But it is important for you to consult your doctor before you start self medicating. The inability to sleep well at night can be a symptom of other conditions. It is for this reason why you should consult your doctor first since the following medication may have reverse effects especially if you are suffering from other health conditions.
best natural sleep aid
Here are some natural remedies for insomnia:
o Valerian – Has long been used as remedy for insomnia and is widely used especially in France, Switzerland, Italy, and Belgium. There is no exact understanding as to how this herb works in the body. But there are studies that suggest this herb works like conventional sleeping pills that affect levels of GABA, a calming neurotransmitter. Its side effects include headache, palpitations, mild indigestion, and dizziness. This medicine comes in capsule, tea, and liquid extracts. Another important detail about this herb is that it should not be taken with medications that depress the central nervous system, like antihistamines and sedatives.
o Melatonin – Commonly used for people whose sleep/wake cycle has been disturbed. It is a hormone in the body that is produced when exposure to light decreases. There are no significant side effects for this medication but the long term effects are yet to be discovered. People with schizophrenia, depression, autoimmune diseases, other serious illnesses, and nursing and pregnant women should not use this remedy. While melatonin will help you sleep well, you will need to consult your doctor before taking it.
o Kava – is an herb that is used for anxiety related insomnia. There are reports, however, issued by the United States Food and Drug Administration that dietary supplements containing Kava may result to potential risk of sever liver injury.
o Techniques for relaxation – There are different relaxation techniques that are very effective if you want to increase your sleeping time. Most common are visualization, mindfulness, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, and relaxation response.
o Environment that is conducive for sleeping- Make your room and bed clean. Fix or remove things that can disrupt your sleep. Turn off the lights as lights can inhibit the production of hormones that can help you fall asleep.
o Diet – You are what you eat is very much applicable when it comes to sleep disorders. Too much caffeine and sweets on your diet will cause insomnia and restlessness. While carbohydrate snacks and magnesium-rich foods will help ease difficulties in sleeping.
o Unhealthy lifestyle habits – Smoking and drinking can cause insomnia. Nicotine found in cigarettes is known to disrupt sleep while alcoholic beverages affect the quality of your sleep.
Insomnia is a disorder that really calls for a special attention. Remember, your ability to sleep well at night helps you do your duties during the day. Without enough sleep, your mood, concentration and even immune system can be affected.

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