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A Natural Carb Blocker – White Kidney Bean

The main ingredient of a natural carb blocker is Phaseolus Vulgaris which can be extracted from the white kidney bean. This particular extract has been shown to prevent the breakdown of dietary starches into glucose which can then be readily absorbed into the body and stored as fat. In this article I will explain a little more closely just how this natural carb blocker works.
The white kidney bean is one of the most common legumes around and has been cultivated by humans since ancient times. In fact there is archaeological evidence that proves that bean cultivation has been occurring going back as 5500 BC in Peru. However, the white kidney bean actually originates from Central America as well as being found in both Mexico and Guatemala. It only arrived in Europe when it was brought back by the Spanish and Portuguese during the 14th and 15th centuries and they then took it to Africa where it is now cultivated. Today you will find that this particular bean is one of the most widely cultivated plants in the world and is able to flourish in many different kinds of climates.
best naturals carb blocker
But just what does the white kidney bean do in relation to blocking carbs?
Firstly the Phaseolamin that is extracted from the white kidney bean blocks a digestive enzyme known as alpha amylase before it has a chance to convert the starch found in carbohydrated food into glucose. By blocking the action of this enzyme this in turns prevent the breakdown of starch into dextrin which are then further broken down into glucose. The glucose found in the human body will serve a number of different purposes. It is either used to provide a person with energy as and when required, it can be stored in muscle tissue or the liver as glycogen, it may be shuttled to the liver and then converted into lipids. Once it has been converted into lipids it is then stored in the body as fat.
The Phaseolamin extract that comes from white kidney beans ensures that some of the starches we ingest in our food pass directly through the digestive system instead. However, what should be noted that if you decide to use the white kidney bean as a natural carb blocker, you would also need to have a dietary control system in place if you wish to retain your optimum health levels. Plus you may also find that your body reacts to the inhibition of the alpha amylase by allowing glucoamylase to be produced instead.

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