best over the counter teeth whitening product

Best Over the Counter Teeth Whitening Products

There are several options for whitening teeth, including dental procedures and over-the-counter teeth whitening products. Because a professional dental procedure is too expensive for many people, whitening products that you can readily purchase at groceries, drug stores or online have become very popular. Different types of tooth whitening products are available at different price ranges. It is best to consult a dentist before purchasing whitening products over the counter.
Most over the counter products that are manufactured by reputable companies are considered safe and effective as long as they are used properly. These whitening products are usually designed for ease of use. Many of these products are reasonably priced and some are even quite cheap. Take note that the price of the product is not an indication of its quality. Many reasonably priced whitening products are very effective.
best over the counter teeth whitening product
The reputation of the manufacturer is a better indication of the quality of the product. You should also keep in mind that some over the counter teeth whitening systems work well for some people but may not be as effective for others.
Teeth whitening strips sold over the counter are effective, convenient to use, and affordable. Like other dental bleaching products, strips contain a peroxide compound that whitens teeth. Whitening strips are placed on the teeth for up to 30 minutes to allow the bleaching agent to work on the stains and discolorations.
Some people use a tray system to whiten teeth. A whitening gel or solution containing carbamide peroxide is placed in a tray. The tray is fitted in the mouth so that the teeth come in contact with the whitening gel. The procedure may be repeated for a certain number of days or weeks to achieve the desired results.
Whitening toothpaste is a very common and inexpensive over the counter teeth whitening product. People find this product convenient because it is used for brushing the teeth just like regular toothpaste. Whitening toothpaste helps make the teeth whiter and shinier.
Products for whitening teeth work because they contain a bleaching ingredient, usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The higher the peroxide content, the better it will work to whiten teeth. For over the counter products, the hydrogen peroxide solution cannot have a high concentration because it might burn your gums and mouth. A teeth whitening system that uses a gel and comes with a gum guard is recommended for safety. Be sure to follow instructions strictly to avoid damaging your teeth and mouth.
Over the counter teeth whitening products are effective and safe as long as you use them correctly. They work almost as well as dental procedures although they may take longer to get the results you want.

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