best scar cream

Scar Removal Cream 101
Nothing undermines your confidences as much as having to appear in public with a scarred face. I am saying this through experience because there was a time I did not want to step out of the house due to an acne scarred skin that made me look horrible; or so I thought. Skin scarring can happen due to a number of reasons such as from burns, chicken pox, dermatitis or acne. While your skin can get scarred very easily, it’s not that easy to make the scars disappear. Everyone wants to get rid of even the tiniest scar on their face which is proved by the number of scar removal creams that are sold in the market. The question is how many of them do the job effectively?
best scar cream
When looking for a scar removal scream you should be able to find one that not only reduces your scar but is also safe for you. The most commonly used creams are those that contain Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, cocoa butter, lime juice extracts, and other synthetic creams which may or may not improve the condition of the scar. As to whether they are truly effective in making your scar vanish is another question. There is no evidence to prove that any of these components are beneficial in diminishing scars although many half truths and myths have made them a popular base for scar removal creams.
There however is one proven treatment for the removal of scars that has proved to be very effective. Many clinical studies and research have been done on the efficacy of silicone gels and creams which have proved to be significantly better than most other products in diminishing the scar and improving the appearance. Use of silicone in the treatment of scars is being recommended by medical professionals because of its water poof barrier which helps protect the wound and also quicken the process by retaining moisture from healthy skin that surround the scar. Today, silicone sheets are used by even plastic surgeons and dermatologists to cure burn scars and other type of scars. Early treatment however is recommended although silicone is said to work even on old scars.
Research is being also carried out on the affect of honey on scars although no conclusive evidence has yet been reported. It is believed that since honey is good for the treatment of wounds, it could also have a positive effect on the treatment of scars by removing dead cell tissues and stimulate the growth of new cells. At present however, since silicone is the only proven substance for the effective diminishing of scars, if you are looking for a good cream, its best that you buy a scar removal cream that contains silicone.

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