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The Best Spray Tan – The Essential Elements
With the surge of recent skin cancer cases, natural tanning is being looked at a lot more critically. In the past, the most you might be worried about was getting a nasty sunburn not a life-threatening illness. This helped boost the popularity of tanning booths which were safer than natural tanning because there was less exposure and more control of the intensity of the ultra violet (UV) rays. But you are still dealing with UV rays and their harmful side effects. Not to mention the fact that you have to take time out of your busy schedule to go to the salon and pay a monthly fee. But there is also another remedy to looking tan without any health risks at all. This is the spray on tan aka sunless tanning products or even fake tan if you will.
Sunless tanning products are making a big comeback and this article is about finding the best spray tan for you. When sunless tanning products first came out, you had essentially two choices. If you had the extra money, you could go to an expensive salon and have it professionally applied. If you were low on extra funds, you could obtain a do-it-yourself product which could leave some ugly results. You would end up with a strange streaky orange complexion and give off a really nasty smell. The product would also get on clothes and sheets and leave stains. But big improvements have been made over the years and the best spray tan products have done away with the above-mentioned flaws.
best spray tan
How safe are sunless tanning products? Well the active ingredient that the best spray tan products use is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which is a sugar cane extract. DHA doesn’t has been labeled as safe back in 1973 and doesn’t get into the blood stream or body organs. It only penetrates the top layer of your skin. And this is obviously a lot safer than the harmful UV rays that you get from natural or booth tanning. What you want to look for in the best spray tan product is one that will leave your skin with a natural looking golden brown tan not a weird orange color. There should be real life examples shown in pictures so you can see for yourself what you can expect. It should have a fresh and not overpowering pleasant scent.
The best tanning products usually have a neutral and not perfume-like fragrance because spray tanning has become popular with men too. The product should dry quickly so that it won’t stain your clothes or your sheets. However, the product should not be using alcohol to help it dry faster. Alcohol will dry out your skin. Actually, the best sunless tanning products will even include moisturizers like aloe vera to actually improve the health of your skin. So that is essentially what to look for in the best spray tan product.
It leaves you with a natural looking tan and not a nasty smell and it drys quickly so as not to stain your sheets or clothes.For more information on how to get the best spray tan product for yourself and where you can get a trial bottle, click on the link found in the resource below.

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