best spray tans

The Best Spray Tans For 2010
The summer time is great for working on your tan, and if you’re not lucky enough to spend hours in the sun then spray tanning is a great way to get yourself tanned without exposing yourself to lots of sun, which can itself be quite dangerous if you overdo it.
We all know that fake tanning can go horribly wrong, and it’s usually when you get a poor quality product! That’s why this year I’ve had a good look to see what is popular at the moment and that is going to give me a really nice natural looking tan – no orange please!
best spray tans
My latest discovery was Joliese Sunless tanner, a friend recommended it to me and I had heard about before but had never given it a try. Well, I was lucky enough to get a free trial of it and decided to put it to good use! The kit itself is very easy to use and comes with instructions in case you get lost, of course with a spray tan you can’t really go far wrong providing you take your time. I was a bit cautious to begin with but it was so easily to apply and left a really smooth finish, no streaks or blotches! The tan itself is a lovely natural tanned color and could easily be mistaken for having spent a week on a sunny beach! Not only that but Joliese uses moisturizing agents in its formula to look after your skin whilst getting a tan, I think that really helps to make the tan itself ‘shine’ so to speak.
Needless to say I was extremely pleased with it overall, it’s ease of use and its fantastic natural color have meant that I can have a great tan all summer long, regardless of how long I spend in the sun! My first application lasted around eight days which is very good in comparison to a lot of other products I’ve used before.
But what good is a review without pictures? Well I managed to get some before and after pictures so please check the link below to take a look and see why I’m so excited about this one! If you’re after that great natural looking tan this summer but don’t get much chance to catch some rays then Joliese sunless tanner is definitely for you!

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