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What Are the Best Supplements to Take for Building Muscle?
When it comes to adding muscle mass to your frame you want to make sure you are taking advantage of every single thing you can do to add that little boost to your gains. The use of supplements gives you that extra edge when it comes to packing on muscle mass. The problem is sorting out all the garbage supplements from the few that do actually work. This article will give you the few best supplements you should be incorporating into your routine.
Creatine is found in small traces in meats and fish. In order to get the same amount you can find in a supplement you would have to eat huge amounts of meat and fish every day. Supplementing with creatine therefore will add to the overall effects it gives you from eating a solid diet alone.
Creatine is what helps your muscle great a powerful force when lifting heavy weights. The more you have available the more powerful the force and the longer your muscles can endure through the resistance training. When supplementing with creatine you will notice about a 10% increase in strength, within matter of days. Creatine will pump out your muscles and increase the fluid content.
best supplements
Cod liver oil and omega 3 tablets
Unless you are eating lots of fatty fish every day you are probably lacking omega 3’s in your diet. Taking a cod liver tablet or any fish oil tablet will give your body the sufficient omega 3’s it is lacking. The healthy fats will help with recover, help lubricate your joints, improve skin, nails and hair. They will also improve your brain function and alertness.
The best thing about these fats is that they will elevate your testosterone levels. Take a tablet in the morning and at night for increased testosterone levels. Take a tablet with your post workout shake or meal and you will get a boost in testosterone too.
Whey protein
Whey protein is by far the most common supplement used. It is a great way to increase the amount of protein in your diet. It is derived from milk and is a high quality, fast absorbing protein.
Whey is great to have with your post workout shake, as it will give your body a great array of amino acids that it needs to recover and grow, it will also be digest fast for quicker recovery. Drink whey protein shakes between meals for a boost in calories and protein intake

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