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Black Toenails – What Are They
If you are finding a solution for your toenail getting black, grey or purple, you may find the answer below. You might have what is known as a ‘black toenail.’ So with a little explanation I can explain how you can fix it, but first let’s look at what are black toenails. >

About Black Toenails?
A black toenail occurs due to the injury to the toenail bed, which breaks the blood vessel to make it bleed. Because the blood has nowhere to go a blood blister forms under the nail, sometimes under a large area. When the blood begins to dry the blood turns from a red color to a black purplish color, hence a black toenail.
What are the causes of Black Toenails?
Black toenails are generally results of injury or trauma to the nail bed. Repeated hitting of the toe with a toebox of the shoe during running, stubbing your toe or by dropping something heavy on your toe may cause black toenails.
Runners are more prone to black toenail mostly because of their poorly fitted shoes, where their toe slides back and forth and repeatedly bangs the front part of the shoe. People who are active participants of various sports that involve a lot of foot work, are more likely to suffer from a black toenail.
One who wear tight fitting shoes, high heel shoes or wrong size shoes are more susceptible to get black toenails. This is because your nail is compressed back into your cuticle where a sudden jerk could tear the nail from the nail bed and cause a bleed.
Do I Need to Worry About Black Nails?
black toenails

A blackish looking nail is usually nothing to worry about. The bleeding under the nail will cure itself and a new and healthy nail will occur after the blood get dries. Black nail treatment is similar in treating a nail fungus without the bother of applying a treatment.
As toenails grow quite slowly, about 1mm per month, it does takes several months to regain a healthy looking nail.
But, if you are not satisfied with your nail condition and want to have a professional advice, it is best to consult a doctor.
It could be an underlying nail infection.
Although uncommon, it is advisable to know that black toenails can also results due to the growth of melanoma, a type of skin cancer, under the nail. If there is a streak on your nail instead of discoloration, refer to your doctor for proper diagnosis.
In some cases, the condition of the toenail can be severe due to the presence of a swollen and painful blister under the toenail. The blister is pierced with the help of a sharp needle to drain the fluid. If you notice redness and swelling even after draining the fluid out of the blister, then it may indicate an infection. Ignoring the infections can be harmful since it can lead to gangrene, blood infections and diabetes.
How to Prevent Black Toenail?
Black toenails are mostly caused by poorly-fitted shoes. Hence, a good-fit shoes are required for healthy toenails. Moreover, you should also lace your shoes properly to prevent your foot from sliding forward in the shoe.
Ensure your nails are properly trimmed since this would prevent the nail from hitting on the front of your shoes.

It is advisable to purchase reliable footwear, if you are working in an area where something may fall on your feet.
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black toenails

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