body cleansing diet

Body Cleansing Diet Tips

Cleansing the body has become a fad means of shedding weight. It also is a means of ridding the body of toxic chemicals that accumulate over time. When done safely, the cleansing process has many health benefits including enhanced energy levels, better immune function and a healthier body as a whole.
To obtain these benefits, here are some tips:
Changing your way of life
You can not at all times manage your environment, but you can manage your diet. Foods with synthetic flavors, colors and preservatives have toxic substances that accumulate in the body over time and can lead to adverse health effects. However, merely changing one’s lifestyle will help an individual look and feel their best. To achieve this, it is recommended that you consume organic foods as much as possible, drink ample amounts of water, eat vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains. An individual needs also to cut back the consumption of red meat, canned goods, salt, sugar, saturated fats, nicotine, coffee as well as alcohol.
body cleansing diet
Juice Fast
Changing your normal diet and adding some juice cleansing for a minimum of three and up to ten days can do a great difference in your overall wellbeing and energy levels. You may start by altering your diet before cleansing, eating more vegetables and fruits to get the body used to this type of food consumption. While cleansing, drink 32-64 ounces of freshly pinched juice from raw vegetables and fresh fruits each day, plus 8 glasses of water to get rid of toxins from the body. Drink also a laxative tea during the night prior to going to bed.
Here are some cleansing juice recipes:
For the kidney: Mix the juices of three celery stalks, a lemon, two tomatoes, two carrots plus water.
For the skin: Combine the extracts of a cucumber, four ounces of alfalfa sprouts, 1/2 bunch of fresh parsley, four twigs of fresh mint plus water.
For body building: Mix the juices of the following ingredients with the use of a blender: six oranges, two bunches of grapes, 1/4 cup honey, eight lemons plus water.
The Master Cleanse
This diet is popular in Hollywood. The Master Cleanse diet is the method of fasting for ten days or two weeks in order to benefit from the nutrients of the mixture of cayenne pepper, lemon juice, maple syrup and water. This body cleanse is well-known for its detoxification benefits and weight loss effects. This diet ought to start the day with a salt water flush. This is done by consuming 32 ounces of warm water combined with 2 teaspoons of organic sea salt.
All throughout the day, the only food to be consumed is the Master Cleanser mixture, which contains 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 dashes of cayenne pepper, 2 tablespoons of organic maple syrup (Grade B) and 10 ounces of purified water. Finally, end each day through drinking a laxative tea to wash out the toxins from the body.

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