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The Truths About Low Carb Cereal

Low carb cereals are not a myth. They can be conveniently found in many supermarkets across the country as well as online. Unfortunately, these cereals are not quite as popular as I would want, but the options are there. If you are finding it difficult to find somewhere to purchase the cereal, then read the section below on how to make your own using low carb recipes.
You can make these cereals pretty easily. Start off with some of your favorite nuts. Put them into the food processor and blend until they are roughly chopped. Then if you want, you can add a little dried fruits. Dried blueberries and strawberries are best. Then place a serving of the nuts and dried fruits into a bowl and add some coconut milk. As an alternative to coconut milk you can add almond milk instead. Normal milk contains sugar whereas coconut milk and almond milk do not. Soy milk also contains chemicals that are harmful to your body. That’s why we do not recommend using soy products on a low carb diet. Some manufacturers have come out with coconut almond milk blends that are both healthy and also really tasty.
carbs low
If you’re not a fan of the processed nuts approach, then you might be happy to hear that there are other options too. You can make a hot cereal simply by using some mashed pumpkin and adding some flax meal and coconut milk. Mix the ingredients well and heat in a pan or microwave. This provides a good alternative cereal for a healthy, grain-free, low in carbs breakfast. I like the soft consistency of the cereal and having something warm in the cold mornings during winter is always a plus. Unfortunately it does take a bit longer to make than normal cereal, which can be eaten dry or with some milk.
You might be wondering why more people don’t make healthy, great-tasting cereals. The simple fact is that most cereals that we are used to eating contain grains, which in turn are high in carbohydrates. So, to make a low carb cereal, you have to use a food product that doesn’t involve the usual oats and flours most cereals are made of. Generally, we end up turning to nuts. Nuts have a crunchy texture and pretty decent flavor without all the carbs. The downside to this is that eating too many nuts can be detrimental to your weight loss regime. Although nuts are low in carbs, they are also high in calories. They are still healthy and good to eat, but you should remember that they might slow down your weight loss. For example, one cup of almonds or peanuts is around 800 calories. There are also problems related to allergies with nuts, which puts off a lot of people!
All in all, these cereals are the perfect Atkins diet, South Beach Diet, or Paleo breakfast if you can find it or if you can make it. I would suggest searching the web for independent food manufacturers who are dedicated to bringing great products even if they aren’t the most lucrative options around! Our health matters! If you can’t find cereals to buy, then try one of the recipes I’ve described above. I think you’ll find that spending the time to make them is worth while!

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