causes for hair loss

Warning Signs With Causes Of Hair Loss
Hair loss can occur not because of one reason but many factors can combine and account for this disease. Causes of baldness in males and females can be various. I have covered most imperative dynamics in this article. So keep reading and you will get to know all about the causes of baldness.
When does baldness become noticeable? As a natural process, hair is continuously going through different phases of growing, resting and falling. It gets obvious and perceptible when lost hair is not replaced and when hair follicles are in the phase of resting.
The first and the foremost factor is ageing. Generally, it has been studied that the period for loss of hair in humans is between the ages of 20 to 50 years. In spite of that, some individuals reach the advance stage way sooner than expected in their peers and then later in their life, it becomes increasingly obvious.
causes for hair loss
Hair products and cosmetic chemicals do much harm to your hair. For instance, gel used for styling dries out the essential proteins and other products such as hair-brill cream account for causes of hair loss. In addition to products, also use of machines such as ironing machine, straightening machine, blower driers and many more may give temporary beauty and style to your hair but in the long run they have many hazardous effects on your hair.
Drugs and medications also lend a helping hand in causes of baldness. Drugs such as antidepressants, contraceptive pills, antibiotics and medicines for gout etc can also make your hair weak and ultimately shack. Beta blocker drugs for controlling high blood pressure are particularly known for this. Also, going through chemotherapy and radiation therapies can stop growth of hair follicles. Such cancer treatments result in sudden loss of hairs.
Hair adds to the beauty and personality of a person. Imagine a bald hero… isn’t it hard to picture one? Heredity also results in baldness as it is a genetic predisposition for pattern loss of hair. even though it is rare, females can also get hair loss as a transmitter in their heredity. But as a matter of fact, it is much common in male pattern baldness than in females.
Imbalance of hormones – both in males and females – also are a cause of sudden loss of hairs. Thyroid grand which is either overactive or under active also contributes to hair loss amongst both the genders.Infections such as fungal infection and diabetes also result in hair loss.
Blood circulation is totally vital for a healthy body – and healthy hair. if the blood flow to the scalp is poor then it contributes to hair loss because the hair does not get sufficient nutrients from the blood.Other factors can include pregnancy. Pregnant women have reportedly complained of hair loss four to five months after their delivery.

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