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Cheap And Healthy Foods That Can Help Burn Off Belly Fat

There are indeed many foods that that burn belly fat, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that you can just eat these foods and somehow magically shed the el bee’s. For the most effective results you should consider eating the different foods that burn belly fat but obviously supplement that with proper exercise.
Fat burning foods work via physiological changes on the body. For instance, cinnamon helps regulate insulin and blood glucose levels which indirectly help you control body fat. Spicy foods containing capsaicin work through a process called thermogenics, where your body heats up by increasing your heart rate, and your body must burn calories to do both of these things.
Keep in mind that most foods that burn belly fat do so to a small degree. In other words, you can’t just eat tons of cinnamon and be ripped. Effects usually range anywhere from 3-10% increases in metabolism or calories burned throughout the day.
Other foods work by curbing your appetite. Foods high in fiber help keep you feeling full longer so you eat less. In addition, eating a healthy breakfast helps jump start your metabolism for the rest of the day as well as giving you much a much needed source of energy after a full nights rest.
This is probably not news to any of you, but the best way to lose weight is regular exercise combined with a sensible diet. So with that said here is a list or our favorite fat burning foods.
Foods That Burn Belly Fat
Almonds and Almond Butter – Almonds are high in healthy fats, and fat helps keep you feeling full longer. They are also rich in niacin, which helps keep your digestive track working smoothly, and can help prevent bloating.
Avocados – Avocados contain heart healthy monounsaturated fats and provide a terrific source of fiber, just a half cup a day will keep you feeling fuller and away from junk food.
Green Tea – Rich in antioxidants that are proven to speed metabolism. You need a 3-5 cups a day for maximum effect. There are actually many reasons why tea is great at aiding in fat loss.
Hot Peppers – Can be hard on your stomach if you eat too many. But if you like spicy foods or hot sauce then don’t be afraid to crank up the heat! The capsaicin will help speed up your metabolism.
Cinnamon – Consider adding cinnamon to your coffee instead of sugar, it provides a great flavor and helps to regulate your insulin levels.
Beans – Beans such as black beans, red beans and pinto beans pack a lot of protein and fiber. Both of which help you tone up and lose weight.
Now that you know some great foods that can help burn belly fat as well as shed some pounds, it’s time to focus on the other side of the equation. More specifically, what kind of exercises you should be doing to help you lose weight?
Before answering that question, it is important to note that just about any type of exercise done regularly and consistently will help you lose some weight and get in better shape. What we want to focus on here though is the kind of exercises that will help you lose weight the fastest and most efficient way.
cheap fat burning foods
Best Fat Burning Exercise
Generally speaking, there are 2 types of exercising. Strength training and cardio. We believe a combination of both is best for attaining overall physical fitness. Strength training from lifting weights will help you increase strength, improve your body shape and gain lean muscle tissue. Having extra muscle helps burn more energy when you are at rest, even if only a little. But extra muscle will also burn more fat when you are active as well, so you will get a bit of a bonus effect when doing any other type of physical activity. Now these are obviously all great benefits but weight lifting simply doesn’t compare to cardio training when it comes to total calories burned.
As we have said before, the best type of fat burning exercise is high intensity cardio training aka high intensity interval training (HIIT). Intensity is key when trying to burn calories and lose weight.
Before you begin any type of fitness regimen, you may want to consult your doctor. Also, don’t just jump into doing crazy intense exercises right at the beginning. Your body needs time to get used to exercising (if you haven’t been exercising much). If you go too hard in the beginning it is very likely you could hurt yourself or be so sore the few days after that you won’t even feel like working out anymore!
Now you may have heard of the fat burning heart rate zone, and it does exist, but oddly enough it is not the optimum way to burn fat. The fat burning zone is usually stated as around 60-70% of your maximum heart rate. The thing about this though is that although you are burning a higher percentage of fat, you are not burning as many calories overall as compared to a more intense form of exercise that gets your heart rate to 80% of your MHR (max heart rate) and higher.
This is important to note because if you want to lose weight by exercising at the so called ‘fat burn heart rate’, you’ll be wasting a lot of time and effort. Since you can burn calories faster at a higher intensity, high intensity is preferable to long stints of cardio because long sessions of cardio at a moderate pace will become boring and tend to burn you out. The last thing you want to do is quit or give up because you hate being on the treadmill for an hour or more everyday.
So if you want an easy interval training routine to get started, check out some workouts on online. You can also find a lot of other HIIT guides and workouts online, from beginner to advanced. Try to find something that involves activities that you already enjoy. For example, if you are a runner, do intervals related to sprinting. If you like riding a bike or using an elliptical machine, you can find interval training that uses this equipment. Experiment with different types of training to find something you like and so you don’t get bored. We know that losing weight is not easy task, but if you put in the right effort with the right mindset you can reach your goal and it’s worth it.
High intensity interval training is awesome, but you might be wondering if there is there is a single best fat burning exercise? Well nobody can say for certain what the most effective single exercise would be for you, but if we had to recommend one tough exercise that targets your entire body, as well as combines strength training with cardio, we would have to say it’s the “man makers”.
What we ultimately think is the best program is to do some HIIT 3 times a week along with some strength training 2 or 3 times a week to increase your lean muscle mass.
Unfortunately, there is so much misinformation, crazy diets and conflicting advice out there that it’s hard to figure out exactly what to believe. Try not to get caught up with all the surrounding weight loss. Every person’s body reacts a little differently than others, but there are general principles that just make sense. Like don’t eat junk food and don’t sit on the couch all day. Eat healthy foods and exercise, this mindset will never steer you wrong.
The most important thing is to just get started down the path, set some simple goals, and keep progressing. Like anything else in life, if you want it bad enough and work hard enough, you will achieve.

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