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How to Control Cholesterol Effectively

There are many ways on how to control cholesterol effectively. Our cholesterol levels are totally in our control. The foods we eat have a lot to do with it. High cholesterol diet leads to numerous health hazards that includes deadly heart attacks and burst arteries, lifestyle limiting allergies and the inconvenience and dangers of obesity.

Bad cholesterol is not water soluble and those that the body fails to burn are accumulated and are turned into fatty lipids. These lipids line the arteries, and excessive pile-up means narrower blood streams. Narrow blood streams slow down the circulation of the blood and impose extra work for the heart. These conditions would eventually result to cardiovascular diseases. Excess pounds distort the natural shape and beauty of the body. One of the common laments of fat people is the inability to find suitable clothes, or the inability to wear fashionable clothes. Overweight persons also find it hard to engage in strenuous activities as they easily tires.
Keeping fit could easy. It just needs focus and determination to reach the goal. Also, there are various ways on how to control cholesterol naturally. See below some of the most effective ways on how to control cholesterol:
cholesterol control
1. Low cholesterol diet plan – It all starts with the food we eat. Try to devise a diet plan that would work for you. Turning vegetarian might be a good move, but if are a meat eater, it might not work for long. The first step is to know your choices. Here are some food groups that are low in cholesterol.
– Whole grains – Oats, barley and wheat all works as a sponge that suction the excess fats in the blood and flush it out of the body.
– Fruits and vegetables – Naturally fibrous and contains no fat, most fruits and vegetables are ideal for losing weight. They also contain important cholesterol lowering components only present in plants, the sterol and stanols.
– Fish – Fish are high in protein and the good fat, Omega3.
– Beans – Good meat substitute. They have the same protein and calcium content, without the fat and calories.
– Nuts – Another good source of the good oil, nuts should be consumed in moderation as they are also high in caloric count.
2. Exercise, exercise – This doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym or engage in a sport that you don’t like. There are many alternatives to sweating it out aside from those mentioned. A regular 30-minute, three times a week vigorous activity program can do the trick. You can walk, run with your dogs, clean the house, attend a yoga class or play with your kids.
3. Stay clear of stress – Stressful lifestyle also contributes a lot to our food intake and weight gain. People handling stressful jobs are often forced to work long hours, eat high cholesterol diet and sleep less. One way on how to control cholesterol is by avoiding stress. Try to get as much sleep and rest as you can.
4. Live healthy – Stay away from vices that are ruinous to health. Smoking, drug abuse and excessive alcohol drinking will damage the nerves, contributing to the clogs in the blood streams.

cholesterol control

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