cholesterol low diet

What To Put Into Your Sample Low Cholesterol Diet

A sample low cholesterol diet can effectively bring down the levels of low density lipoprotein (LD,L) which is often referred as the bad cholesterol and is detrimental to your health. Enough research has been conducted to prove the effectiveness of diet in lowering cholesterol. Extensive research has proven that consuming certain foods while avoiding others can lower cholesterol levels by a significant percentage.
Low Cholesterol Breakfast
A heart-healthy breakfast consists of known cholesterol lowering foods. Oat meal, oat bran and unsweetened breakfast cereals are considered effective in managing cholesterol and can be eaten for breakfast with low-fat milk. Whole grain or multi grained breads and rolls are also beneficial. Fresh citrus juice and apples are also helpful in lowering the LDL levels and can be had with breakfast.
cholesterol low diet
Low Cholesterol Lunch
Fatty fish, like salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna, are good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce the cholesterol produced by the lever. Fresh water fish can be had for lunch grilled, baked, steamed or broiled. A salad with an olive oil dressing can be combined with the meal. As an alternative, lean meat or poultry can also be had, cooked in olive or canola oil. If eating rice with the meal, brown rice would be a better choice as it has a high fiber content which is good for reducing cholesterol. Bread must be whole grain or multi grain. A bowl of assorted fresh fruits can be had as dessert.
Low Cholesterol Snack
An evening snack can consist of healthy foods help lower cholesterol. A handful of walnuts or almonds make an excellent snack as they are packed with nutrients. Roasted soya or sunflower seeds are also good to munch on. Fruits also make an ideal snack, but must be had fresh, not canned. Green tea or fresh lime juice can complete the evening snack.
Low Cholesterol Dinner
Dinner and lunch work around the same kind of items on the menu. Dinner can consist of either fish or lean meat as the main course accompanied with whole grain breads or brown rice. A main dish made with seasonal fresh leafy green vegetables prepared in very little oil can part of your meal. The salad dressing needs to be prepared with thought as the wrong dressing can make the sample low cholesterol diet ineffective and undermine your dieting efforts. A glass of red wine can also be had with the dinner as there is evidence to show it is good at reducing cholesterol.
The above is just a sample of what can go into a low cholesterol diet. The thing to remember while planning a sample low cholesterol diet is to include foods in their natural form. Animal products must be very low in fat. In fact, it is better to completely eliminate animal products if you can. This will give you the best and fastest results. As a thumb rule a healthy diet must consist of at least 5 -6 helpings of vegetables and fruits a day.

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