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What Are The Different Diets To Lower Cholesterol

Lots of folks today are watching their body cholesterol by adapting to a new lifestyle, which is consuming certain diets to lower cholesterol. And there is a wide array of these diets in nutrition magazines, cook books or food journals that will help you fight bad cholesterol.
Having a high or low cholesterol level simply means knowing what to eat and what to avoid. No doubts your menu requires several diet changes if you are to keep a healthy heart for the rest of your life.
What Should You Eat To Lower Your Cholesterol?
This is the section that explains the true diets to lower cholesterol. In general you only need to consume less of animal based foods and eat more of plant based products. And it’s a long list of plant foods which include legumes, fruits, veggies and whole grains. To these you can add whole meal cereals, rice, pasta, breads and a wide array of grains. These are rich in carbohydrates and fiber but are low on saturated fats or cholesterol.
cholestorol diet
However, you also need to be careful when consuming the high starch products; too much of carbohydrates will over work the liver making it produce more cholesterol which will compromise the idea we are driving across here. Here is how you know you need a cut on carbohydrates; if you have a bad score on HDL or your good cholesterol it simple means you are way over the 60% mark on carbohydrates. Besides the plant foods, also stick to low carbohydrate diets to lower cholesterol.
What You Should Not Eat
It’s either you go fully vegetarian or you watch how much of animal based products you consumer. Animal foods form a big part of our menus and are what we never miss out when eating at restaurants. Of course they feel good going down but they hurt us later on.
Here are the foods to avoid or watch out on; processed animal products like salamis, sausages and bacons, red meat with great layers of animal fat, organ meat, duck or goose meat. These are not the diets to lower cholesterol but they are high on saturated fats. Animal products like butter, cheese, egg yolks and ice cream also contain lots of cholesterol and saturated fats that aren’t good for a healthy you.
There is also another session of fats called the trans-fats. Trans-fats also have the same effect as saturated fats; though not deadly as the saturated fats. They increase LDL in the blood stream at the expense of HDL which is your good cholesterol. Trans-fats are commonly found in processed foods, which is why you should always check the label when buying canned or packed food.
Trans-fats find their way into our body because we never read the labels on food we buy; the ingredients are always listed down in order of importance and if Trans-fats are top of the list, RUN!
Remember your new lifestyle consist of diets to lower cholesterol so when buying canned or packed foods look out for these words Partially/ Hydrogenated Vegetable oil or Shortening, it’s just a nice way of saying Trans-fat which means it’s not good for you. You will also get Trans-fats in fried or baked foods, salad dressing and sweets. Do yourself a favor and keep your heart healthy by avoiding such foods.

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