cold soar treatment

Cold Soar Treatment

Whether you have had it your whole life, or have recently been diagnosed, the sores are no laughing matter. It’s gross, it’s embarrassing, and it takes its toll on your day-to-day life. There are few diseases in today’s world that perplex the medical community as much as the herpes virus. Leaving sufferers perplexed and hopeless.
Probably the most disturbing thing about cold sores is the fact that there is no known cure. Surprising when you think about how many people suffer from the various strains of the disease. The herpes simplex virus causes cold sores, and once you have it, you could suffer from flare-ups for the rest of your life.
For a disease that affects so many millions of people worldwide, modern medicine has been slow to rise to the occasion and find a permanent cure. It seems like very little is being done to find a permanent cure for this embarrassing affliction that so many people suffer from. Nothing could be further from the truth though, as there are many scientists and researchers all over the world who are hard at work to find a cure!
Treatment breakthroughs:
cold soar treatment
It is impossible to list all the potential treatments that are currently being researched; there are just so many potential permanent cures! What follows are some of the most promising treatment options…
1) Vaccines to prevent the spread of the virus:
There is already an effective vaccine on the market in the US and UK. Herpevac is proving effective in women who have never been exposed to the HSV1 virus. Although the Herpevac vaccine is not a cure, it will prevent further infections in the part of the population who has not been exposed. This vaccine is great news for partners of sufferers!
Another promising vaccine comes from David Knipe at the Harvard Medical School. His HSV2 vaccine is being hailed as one of the most promising herpes treatments currently in development.
2) Possible Cures:
There have been many false alarms in the medical community with cold sore treatments. Although it seems like we are a few years away from a public trial on a permanent cure for the already infected, there are many promising leads!
The University of Florida is leading the way with the most publicized potential cure for sufferers already infected with the HSV1 virus. Professor David Bloom is leading the team that is researching ways to inhibit the HSV1 virus permanently.
3) Improved treatments:
There are also a number of treatments in development that might be able to eradicate the virus completely. There are a number of improved treatments in development that could revolutionize the way we deal with cold sore outbreaks.
These are just some of the many promising cold sore treatments that are currently in development.
How you can get involved:
If you are interested in becoming a guinea pig, there are ways to get involved in the clinical trials. Many of the most promising treatments are looking for funding, so if you aren’t keen on participating as a lab rat, you can open your wallet instead and provide some much needed funding to further the research.
One day, you might be sitting in your rocking chair, reminiscing about what a pain it was to suffer from cold sores. With so many promising cold sore treatments on the horizon, the future looks bright for cold sore sufferers.

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