cold soar

Cold Soar

A severe cold sore attack is a very embarrassing situation to deal with. These vicious outbreaks can occur in several different ways, so it is important that you understand a good cold sore treatment process to speed up the healing time.
If you have experienced a cold sore before, you know how uncomfortable and painful the condition can be. Also, many people feel embarrassed by a cold sore outbreak, because they do not like having the large sores on their mouth or facial area. The average person will get a cold sore in one location, but it usually heals within about a week and then stays dormant for awhile.
cold soar
But, it can get even worse if a simple, small cold sore turns into a severe cold sore outbreak. Usually what happens with these severe cases is that the person will experience multiple sores at once. The initial outbreak may begin like normal, they will feel the tingling sensation in one specific location and the sore will begin to develop.
The difference between a regular cold sore and a severe outbreak is that the sores continue to form in different places. For example, sores may form all around the edges of the lips instead of staying contained at once specific location on the mouth. Smaller blisters will continue to form, and although some sores are in the healing stages, there are continually new sores forming so open sores are always present. As the sores heal, new blisters form so it is a cycle of open sores that just don’t seem to heal.
A severe cold sore outbreak is a different experience for every person. Some people report the sores taking longer to heal. Other people report normal healing time, but very frequent recurrences of the cold sores– they are only cold sore free for several days or several weeks before the sores return again.

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