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Does Abreva Work For Cold Sores?

Before even considering if Abreva works or not, for those that are not in the know, this product is a treatment that encourages the healing of cold sores. Anyone who has ever had a cold sore will in all likelihood attest to the fact that anything is worth trying to ease the discomfort associated with this embarrassing condition.
As any sufferer will know, once that first tingle is felt there is no stopping the oncoming cold sore. Unfortunately there are actually no treatments or products that can actually prevent the occurrence of the cold sore, and the resultant effect is that you feel highly self-conscious with the development and onset of this condition. The manufacturers of Abreva have devised a treatment to prevent the spreading of the cold sore virus to surrounding cells.
cold sore abreva
One of the main benefits of Abreva is that it is one of the only treatments, which by the way is non prescription and is approved by the FDA, in reducing the duration of the dreaded cold sore. As you may well be aware there are many treatments available on the market but on closer inspection you will notice that many of these cannot claim the same or similar endorsement as can this unique product.
In order to understand why this product works, you should have an understanding of the herpes virus itself. The Herpes Simplex Virus type 1, causes what is most commonly a blister that forms on the lips. Unfortunately this virus remains within your system, and may only activate at some point in your adolescence or early adulthood, or perhaps even later.
The sore is normally brought about as a result of stress, excessive sun exposure or some other triggering event, and the worst part is that once you contract the cold sore, the condition will remain with you for the rest of our life.
This does not mean that it is no hope, but one should rather seek effective treatment that encourages a quicker healing process of the cold sore, which is more often than not the worst part of enduring such an occurrence. When one feels the onset of the cold sore, the product should be applied immediately in order to stop the spreading the virus, which facilitates an element of prevention as well as a quicker healing of the sore.
In understanding your cold sore you are more than likely aware that no cure exists for the complete prevention of this condition, but by selecting a product that is known to work in healing the sore much quicker, makes this inevitable process a lot more bearable.
By being aware of the fact that this virus cannot be prevented entirely and it is contained in our system, by seeking a cure we are practically wasting our time at this point. However based on the fact that Abreva fights the virus itself, and not merely the symptoms makes it stand out as a truly beneficial product in the healing of your cold sore, it is no wonder that this is the number one, no prescription product recommended by pharmacists, to effectively treat cold sores.

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