cold sore treatments

Best Natural Cold Sore Treatments
If cold sore remedies have always been a top priority for you in your life because you suffer from the disease very often, it is recommended that you read through this short article. The article aims on revealing some excellent cold sore remedies that are completely natural. You can make most of these at home all by yourself and even begin their use immediately.
Cold sores are known to be caused by the Herpes Simplex virus, and this mostly happens when the virus is replicating other new viruses. Eventually, this ends in forming sores and blisters on the area surrounding your lips or nostrils, or any part of the face. These blisters contain a thick fluid and can be a cause of serious distraction when talking to someone. After some time, most of these blisters usually combine together to take the shape of big, huge sore.
cold sore treatments
Although there is no possible way that can help you complete eradicate the Herpes Simplex virus from your body, there are certain ways which you can employ to find a temporary cure for the disease and also to reduce the pain that it causes. Further outbreaks can also be prevented with the use of these effective remedies.
One of the most popular cures for cold sore is the usage of ice. This helps in reducing the pain as well as reducing the burning sensation that is caused due to cold sores. The procedure involves holding the ice cube on the infected area for about 10 minutes at a regular interval of two hours. This results in the relaxation of the swollen tissues, meanwhile also reducing the pain.
However, there is one important point to note here. You can use the ice cubes throughout the cycle of the completion of the disease. But remember to stop using these cubes once the blisters open up and the fluid from inside starts seeping out. When this happens, make use of hot compresses to further enhance the healing process.
A tea bag that is wet is also another remedy that has proven to be very effective. The same procedure that is involved in the use of ice cubes is also involved when you use tea bags. The wet tea bag has to be held for several minutes at a stretch, and the process should be continued at a regular interval of a couple of hours.
Warming the tea bag is just another excellent home remedy for the treatment of cold sore. This is also a natural alternative for a hot compress. Holding the warm tea bag on the affected area for at least 20 minutes after regular intervals of four hours each day will help you reduce most of the pain, and will also aid in faster recovery.
When you apply household sugar on the blisters, it acts as a natural drying agent. Sugar is known to be quite effective virus, bacteria and some fungal infections. The sores have discovered to dry up much quickly. A good alternative for sugar is pure honey. It is more effective and is also easier to apply.

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