cold sores in children

Cold Sores in Children

Cold sores in children do not usually develop the first time they catch the virus. Children get the Herpes Simplex Virus type I (HSV-I) through kisses and pecks from their relatives and friends who are already infected with the virus or are just carriers. They normally get swollen gums and a sore feeling in the mouth. After a few days, small blisters that turn into shallow painful sore forms. The child may have a fever and swollen lymph glands in the neck.
cold sores in children
You need not worry as the blister will crust and heal within ten days leaving no scar at all. However, you can place a pack of ice wrapped in a clean cloth on the sore during the initial stages to ease the inflammation and pain. You can also give a mild pain reliever though you should never give aspirin to children or teenagers as it may trigger Reye’s syndrome (this is a rare but potentially life-threatening illness).
When your child is having a cold sore, you should avoid salty, spicy or sour foods which irritate the raw nerves in the sores. Encourage your child to wash his hands frequently and to avoid picking on the sore. Should he touch his eyes and it gets infected, schedule an appointment with his pediatrician for antiviral drugs.This is to keep the infection from scarring the cornea. If the child gets ocular herpes, this could cause weakened vision or total blindness.
How do you prevent your child from getting this infection? Cut out kissing from cousins, aunts and friends. If you have the infection and you have a new born baby, wash your hands regularly and you can even wear a surgical mask. If you have an infection on your breast, refrain from breast feeding until it has cleared.

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