colestrol diet

Cholesterol Diet – All You Need to Know

A healthy diet is a balanced diet that contains all the nutrients a body need, when equal amounts of these nutrients are consumed. Eating foods that are high in cholesterol can cause heart disease especially if these foods are consumed frequently and in large amounts. To avoid visiting the hospital regularly, simply incorporate into your diet cholesterol reducing foods. If you are not sure what kind of foods that is low in cholesterol, then consult a doctor. Once you have the information you need then it will be easy to plan a low cholesterol diet menu that you can follow on a daily basis.
colestrol diet
Creating a low cholesterol diet menu will be determined by your budget. But first you need to identify the foods that you consume that are high in cholesterol and get rid of them. One of the ways to do this is by checking the labels on the food containers to know how much cholesterol and saturated fats are in that particular food. According to research, the appropriate amount of cholesterol that should be consumed on a daily basis is about 300mg. However, if you have too much cholesterol in your body and you are trying to lower it, maintain it below 200mg per day. Saturated fats should also be kept at low levels preferably one gram of saturated fat for every 100 calories of your daily diet.
Cholesterol reducing foods include; whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruits. To maintain a healthy intake of protein and fats and still maintain normal cholesterol levels in your body, eat skinned chicken, lean meats, egg whites instead of beef, fatty meats and egg yolks. When cooking, avoid using oil that is made from animal fat instead substitute it for vegetable oil. A low cholesterol diet menu should not contain eggs, milk, avocados, nuts and other foods that are high in cholesterol.
Changing your diet for health reasons is important and consuming cholesterol reducing foods is a good way to start living and eating healthy. High cholesterol foods need not to be removed from your diet permanently; nevertheless, one should control the amount they consume on a daily basis. A healthy balanced diet has all the necessary nutrients to fight off diseases keeping you healthy and strong regardless of age.

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