colon parasite cleanser

Is Bowtrol Colon and Parasite Cleanse Really Effective?

Before we delve into the subject of the effectiveness of Bowtrol as a colon and parasite cleanse product, let us first look into the parasites side of the formula and try to understand what they really are.
A parasite is a living organism that grows and feeds on a ‘host.’ A host is another organism. Therefore, the parasite infiltrates into another organism – host – for the parasite’s own growth needs while potentially weakening the host. The host that we are going to talk about here is the human being.
There are hundreds of identifiable parasites, but the most known ones to cause threat to humans are called; ringworms, tapeworms, pinworms and hookworms.
colon parasite cleanser
The most common ways for parasites to enter the human body is through dirty hands, outdoor activities and pets. But it is said that meat consumption is the greatest factor in how parasites infiltrate our bodies, and the most favorable place for them is our colon. Our colon presents the perfect environment for parasites as they offer the nutrients and vitamins that they need through the food that passes through.
It is estimated that 90% of Americans will most probably contract a parasite in their bodies at some point in their life. Also a recent survey reported that one in six people in the USA were potentially harboring a dangerous parasite. These numbers can sour when visiting other countries are in the picture.
Now there is one school that says that people do not need to depend on products to cleanse their colon and get rid of parasites. This school advises a healthy diet that will allow the body to function in its normal way to rid itself from unwanted bodies. I totally agree with this school, but is this easily implementable?
I would feel more comfortable with regaining my health and energy in the short run with a natural and herbal cure such as Bowtrol colon and parasite cleanse then try to implement the healthy lifestyle to maintain my energy the healthiness of my colon, than wait month after month of a roller coaster between success and failure to implement a totally healthy lifestyle.
The Bowtrol colon and parasite cleanse has been reviewed by users and experts and the results were dominantly positive, but saying that does not mean that any product can have the same effect on everybody. Our bodies are different and the experiences we get from products vary according to those differences.
In all cases, when dealing with such products even if they were all natural and herbal such as Bowtrol colon and parasite cleanse, we need to consult with our doctor before we make a buying decision.

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