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The Connection Between Asthma and Stress
Believe it or not but excessive stress may lead to asthma. If you happen to have a very tiring and stressful working life it is high time you take a break from those grueling sessions. You can definitely ask for compensation from your boss.
Prolonged stress may lead to occupational asthma. Be it financial responsibilities, unappreciative boss or demanding supervisor stress may come in many forms and due to various reasons. In today’s busy and hectic life stress has become a very common factor. Unfavorable working conditions or pressurizing surroundings may lead to stress which invariably leads to occupational asthma.
compare asthma treatment
Certain psychological studies have revealed that due to increasing importance and need for money in the society people tend to undergo through very stressful times. This particular phenomenon has led to a noticeable growth in the number of asthma patients. This is a very recent change. If you compare the present times with the 18th and the 19th century you will find that the level of work related stress was very minor in comparison to the present level.
Due to stress the immunity of a person decreases. This makes that particular person very sensitive towards diseases. He/she is bound to fall sick very easily. Most of the people do not even understand the syndromes of occupational stress. Hence, they completely fail to deal with it.
What you can do-
If you happen to have a very unfavorable working atmosphere you could always file an appeal for compensation with the concerned authority. In case your boss refuses to listen to you feel free to hire a lawyer for yourself. If you win the case you will be entitled to a certain amount of compensation.

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