constipation remedies

Common Constipation Remedies
In this article we are going to look at some fast, effective common constipation remedies. Constipation is the name used to describe when we have a problem with our bowel functionality. It is the process where we can’t go to the toilet, and it often leaves us in pain, irritated, stressed and bloated.
When you start to get constipation you’ll often feel that you’re alone and you will be very embarrassed of your situation, however it is best to understand that thousands of people suffer with constipation on a daily basis and it is the same form of embarrassment that stops sufferers talking openly about their problem. Due to this secrecy that comes with the problem many people often hold it inside and try to cope with their constipation until it naturally goes away, however this can seem like forever and your situation is probably going to get worse, leading to other diseases.
constipation remedies
If you head down to the doctors they will offer you some form of medication to try and help relieve your constipation however this could not be the best solution. One thing you have to think about when looking for constipation remedies is whether you want to add some foreign, unknown substance to your body. We must take into account that with any medicine that the agents used may be rejected by our system.
Two of the main causes of constipation are often disregarded as it seems to hard to believe that something so simple can cause such a horrible outcome, this is our diet and exercise. The usual things we focus on in our diet are things such as carbohydrate intake, fat intake and protein intake for example, however it’s rare we come across a diet that’s rich in fiber and designed to help our digestive system. The facts are that fiber sole purpose within our system is to help our digestive systems work efficiently and as they are intended, and as soon as we start to starve it of this, we can start getting constipation. Exercise is also a big part of keeping a healthy system, not just in regards to our digestion but also the entire body. You will commonly see adverts or find people saying that we should exercise for at least a day, and if your doctor believes laziness is the cause of your constipation, he will also recommend this.
Constipation Remedies:
High Fiber Diet – Implementing a high fibre diet can be one of the best natural solutions for constipation, fiber can be sourced in some of our favorite everyday foods from cereal, pasta, rice, bread, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Implementing one of these consumables into each of your daily meals can really help relief that nasty constipation feeling.
Frequent Exercise – Much like any other muscle in our body, the muscles that are required for us to excrete need to be worked every now and again to stay in a healthy state. It is said that something as simple as a 15 minute walk daily can help relieve constipation noticeably within a week.

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