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Natural-Looking Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques
Most people love to sport a winning smile, and feel confident about their teeth. Our face is usually the first thing people notice when they look at us. Clean straight white teeth are a pleasure to show off, while chipped, stained or crooked teeth are often hidden in a closed mouth with a slight smile. Sometimes cosmetic dentistry techniques are used to obtain that perfect look, although fake-looking at the same time. Modern dentistry now offers natural-looking cosmetic dentistry techniques to help the new teeth look more natural than fake.
An experienced, skilled cosmetic dentist has had extensive training in the latest techniques using ceramics, porcelain and lumineers. There is more to getting the perfect natural look using porcelain than most people might consider. For example, natural-looking porcelain veneers would be artistically shaped and shaded in three dimensions to get the best result. The dentist works in conjunction with a ceramist to produce the thin porcelain shells that are a perfect fit for the patient’s tooth structure.
Porcelain veneers should look like real teeth in their color, shade and shape, right down to the slightly rounded corners. After all, natural teeth are not flat two-dimensional squares. There is shape, color and character to each individual tooth and that makes up part of the whole look of a person’s smile.
cosmetic natural
Gaps between teeth and irregular-shaped teeth can benefit greatly from cosmetic dentistry. Large spaces between teeth create a dark spot in a person’s otherwise very white smile, and this draws the eye’s attention. Veneers can be used very effectively to fill in these gaps and also to hide teeth that are too small, worn down, or otherwise defective in size, shape or contour.
Modern porcelain products are formulated to be more durable and flexible than the traditional porcelain veneers. They can be made much thinner; in fact a mere 1/3 mm thickness is all that’s needed for strength and reliability. This thin layer means that much less of the patient’s tooth has to be removed to make space for the veneer. Some patients don’t require any grinding at all in order to apply these thin veneers.
Well-made and properly applied veneers are long-lasting and fairly stain resistant. They may not stand up to excessive coffee-drinking or smoking without showing some staining, but they are easily removed or altered when necessary. The habits that caused the original tooth staining will eventually catch up and also stain the veneers.
The use of dental before and after pictures is a good way to compare the look before cosmetic dentistry techniques were done, and the results that the techniques accomplished.
The most natural-looking cosmetic dental procedure of all would be bleaching the teeth. There is no grinding involved with this procedure, and is fairly effective in removing outer stains and restoring a brilliant white sparkle to the teeth. While there seem to be quite a number of home tooth bleaching kits popping up in every corner store, bleaching is best done under a dental professional’s supervision.

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