cost for hair transplant

Cost of Hair Transplant
Hair transplant costs a lot but a lot of people still do it. Who does not want to have healthy and beautiful hair? It does not hurt to spend a little on your vanity especially if having great looking hair would help you in so many ways. It just seems expensive in the beginning but once you see how it is helpful, you would appreciate the benefits of undergoing hair transplant. It is still better though tor research on the cost of hair transplant before heading straight to a surgeon and getting your procedure done.
First thing you have to keep in mind is there are two types of hair transplant procedures. Both are a little painful but one leaves noticeable scars on your scalp while the other does not. Strip Harvesting was the first hair transplant method to be developed and this requires actual scalp tissue to be removed from your head. The scalp tissue will contain the hair follicles and will be transferred to the area of the head in need of more hair.
cost for hair transplant
Follicular Unit Extraction or simply FUE does not leave scars because the scalp tissue is not touched. Only the hair follicles are removed and transferred per unit so no surgical stitches are needed to be done. For this reason, FUE costs a lot more than Strip Harvesting. In most occasions, FUE even costs double of what they charge for Strip Harvesting. However, if you are able to find a great clinic, you may be offered lower price deals by the professionals in the field.
One more thing you have to consider in determining the cost of hair transplant other than the type of procedure is the competence of the surgeon. Your safety should be your number one priority and in the hands of an incompetent surgeon, you might be put to danger.
The fees of a more popular surgeon might be higher but it will be worth it if you can trust that you are in safe hands. You should know more about the cost of transplant based on clinic prices so doing more research should not hurt.

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