cure for stretch marks

A Cure For Stretch Marks?
Many will say that there is no cure for stretch marks. Others will tell you that their own marks have disappeared over the years with a little or a lot of treatment. There are certain key ingredients that may help with making them appear less obvious, but whether they will be completely gone or not is not for certain.
It is best to know what exactly you are dealing with when trying to remove them. Stretch marks appear during periods of rapid growth, during pregnancy or if you are losing or gaining weight quickly. During times like these, the skin is stretched too quickly. The dermis, the inner layer of your skin, actually tears and these tears are called striae. They first appear as big red or purple lines and gradually fade to thin white lines. Treatment for stretch marks is best done while they are still red or purple.
Stretch marks are not only a problem for a certain type of women. Around 80% of women, in all shapes of sizes, have them. The severity of it depends on your genes, your diet and how you take care of yourself. And it is not only women that get them, men get them too. It is very common for body builders to get them on their arms and legs.
cure for stretch marks
Now that you know what stretch marks are and that it not a rare, disastrous deformity, you can begin treatment. You will hear that the most common ingredients to assist in curing them or making them appear less obvious are ingredients such as cocoa butter and vitamin E.
However, there are many other ingredients that can assist. For example, Alpha Hydroxy Acids exfoliates the skin which will help your skin renew itself. Aloe Vera is not only rich in vitamin B and zinc but also reduces inflammatory and promotes healing. There are also other essential oils such as lavender, neroli and wheatgerm that will help. It is very important to keep your skin hydrated by drinking a lot of water. Taking a zinc supplement also assists with collagen production.
There are also lots of oils and sprays made especially for them. All these can be used several times a day. However, it is important to realize that you will not see a result immediately. Skin renews itself every 30 days, so with regular use, you could start seeing a difference in about a month. Those who have used treatments religiously for six months have seen definite results.
Other treatments include peels, exfoliation by means of a body brush or body scrub, laser treatment or, in extreme cases, plastic surgery. Even exercise and using self tan reduce the appearance of stretch marks as firming up the skin makes the skin looks firmer and self tan lotions tan your whole body, whereas sun tanning is not as effective as the marks do not tan.

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