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Cure Toenail Fungus – How to Avoid and Treat It
Many people suffer from some type of nail fungus. It is normally caused by the damp, dark area in your shoes believe it or not. Most people’s feet sweat or are exposed to too much moisture throughout the whole day. This gives an environment for fungus to grow and thus makes it necessary to look for a way to cure toenail fungus.
Avoiding Toenail Fungus
Some people are more susceptible to contract this fungus than others. This can be due to a high pH level in the skin, some sort of injury to the nail, not keeping the feet clean, and decreased immunity which makes a person more susceptible. The fungus will find an environment to grow in damp places like public areas attached to swimming pools and spas. This is the reason why many swimming pools used by the public have wade through pools that a person is expected to go through. This does keep the fungi in check. It is always best to wash and dry feet thoroughly after visiting any type of public pool. Damp socks are also best avoided to prevent the growth of toe fungus. Socks that are worn must be able to absorb moisture and provide ventilation. Shoes that you wear must also allow exchange of air and moisture. Sprinkling feet with anti-bacterial products can also help to avoid the fungi. Fungus is also promoted by the use of nail polish. Avoiding the fungus is all about constant attention to foot hygiene. It is best to wash your feet and dry them completely after every trip outside. Vigorous rubbing of the feet also removes dead skin, improves circulation, and thus inhibits the growth of fungus.
cure toe fungus
Medication to Cure Toenail Fungus
Fungal nail infection may sometimes require extended treatment that can go on for months. The normal treatment prescribed by doctors is oral medications and some applications to be put on the nails. Severe infections may even require the removal of the toenails, though such drastic measures are very rare. Some medicines taken internally can affect the liver and your doctor will need to know all your medical history to properly prescribe the right medication.
A herbal remedy in wide use for curing toenail fungus is tea tree oil. It is rarely used by itself, but in addition to other creams. Home remedies like soaking nails in vinegar or strong tea are also known to cure this fungus. Vitamin E oil has been known to help. Oil of oregano, lemon grass essential oil, hydrogen peroxide, Listerine and iodine are also commonly available home remedies that have been used to cure toenail fungus.
The most effective method of tackling the fungus is to go in for a combination of topical treatment, oral medication, and attending to the nails. Japanese doctors have succeeded in using laser treatment to rid the fungus.Most nail disorders are directly linked to nail fungus. This is a disorder that is normally harmless, but is more of a cosmetic problem that people, especially ladies, find disturbing. It affects more than ten percent of the people which makes it a fairly popular problem that people are looking to remedy.

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