Cures for Cold Sores

Cures for Cold Sores

Cold Sores can become quite bothersome to people. While there is no way to completely prevent a cold sore there are many ways you can slow them down. There are also many ways to get rid of cold sores.

Cold sores are small blisters that are red in color. They are also called fever blisters. These blisters are usually found on the upper lips or the corner of the mouth. They have clear liquid in them and usually form a scab after a few days.
remedies for cold soreIce- Ice can be used on a cold sore which will help with the pain. The ice will numb the pain and itching. It also will help the sore heal faster as it confuses the cold sore making it think you are in a different stage then it’s really in.

Tea bags- tea bags contain tannic acid which is found in over the counter medications. So apply the tea bag directly to the cold sore and it will heal quicker. When applying the tea bag it should be wet and you should hold it on the cold sore for only a few minutes per hour. This works great if you feel like your getting a cold sore and start the tea process.

Aloe- As soon as you feel your cold sore coming on you should directly apply aloe to the affected area. If you do this during the first signs, then it won’t even show up. If you don’t notice it till it already pops through the skin, then apply aloe directly to the cold sore it will stop the growing process and begin healing.

Petroleum Jelly- Once your cold sore has surfaced it begins to itch and when you itch it begins to bleed. This is because a cold sore is very dry. Start with applying petroleum jelly to the cold sore and it will prevent it from drying out which will help with the cracking and bleeding.

Zinc Ointment- Applying zinc topically will help speed up the healing process. You should apply zinc 3 times a day and you will notice the cold sore heals twice as fast as normal. You can also take zinc tablets although they will not be as affective.

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