Dermabrasion, A Scar Removal Solution

Many women and men now tend to use the services offered by an esthetician to improve their facial appearance and obtain a smoother, shinier, and fresher aspect for their skin. One of the most popular techniques used is dermabrasion, which is a very popular procedure, even though it is one of the most painful and complicated.
Dermabrasion is one of the oldest methods used to improve the quality and texture of skin pigmentation and reduce wrinkles and scars. Dermabrasion should not be confused with micro-dermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a technique involving polishing the top layer of the skin with crystals in order to remove dead cells. This procedure stimulates new cell production in the lower layers of the dermis. It also plays an important role when it comes to stimulating collagen production and cleansing the skin pores, which smoothes the skin texture and enhances its appearance.
Dermabrasion is a medical procedure that is also used to prevent bleeding in the epidermal layer of skin. The technique uses an electric brush and a system of rough edges or micro crystals to remove dead cells. A brush exfoliates the skin by extremely rapid movements. In the past the procedure was performed using a small device using abrasive agents.
In the last decade laser dermabrasion has become more requested. Laser dermabrasion is painless and more effective in removing prominent scars, but less effective for other types of skin imperfection. It is much easier to control and calibrate and does not cause bleeding, compared with the classic dermabrasion.
The term dermabrasion is derived from the Greek term “derma” (translated to “skin”) and the Latin word “abrasio”. Other references to this process are refinishing skin, skin exfoliation and skin smoothing, but skin might become painful. Ablation of layers of skin, dermabrasion rejuvenates the skin by stimulating collagen production and the development of new layers of cells.
Dermabrasion can be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as laser skin remodeling or laser tattoo removal. Deep peeling treatment can be combined with this method to enhance the effect of deeper lesions. Deep peels penetrate the dermis layer of mesh to treat deep scars.
Dermabrasion and laser skin remodeling procedures are generally safe if done by a certified and licensed physician. The most common risks of these procedures are affecting skin pigmentation. Complications include bright spots in some patients, affecting the aesthetic appearance of the skin. A good candidate for dermabrasion is a man or woman with a stable health state.

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