dietrine carb blocker review

Dietrine Carb Blocker Reviewed

I was all ready to sit down and start my review of Dietrine like every other review, but I’ve decided that, since Dietrine is a different type of weight loss supplement, I’d do a different kind of review.
Instead of eating and behaving normally and recording the results I am going to alter my diet substantially to a very high carb diet. Dietrine is a carb blocker, so I figure that the best way to test its carb blocking effectiveness is to change my diet so that there are a lot of carbs to block. I don’t normally eat many carbs (aside from the occasional beer), so in order to get the most from this review I had to really stock up.
My diet consists of:
Two beers a day (Miller Genuine Draft)
One sandwich a day on whole wheat bread.
A roll with dinner.
Cereal in the morning.
Lots and lots of mashed and roasted potatoes.
dietrine carb blocker review
I’m not going to go on a high fat diet, but rather a high carb diet to test Dietrine.
My Results
My results were slow to appear. I actually gained 6 pounds the first two weeks, but that’s probably because I just went crazy with the carbs- every meal I ate had at least two different sources of simple and complex carbohydrates.
However, I began to lose roughly 5 pounds in the third and fourth week, and I actually lost another 4 after I went off of Dietrine. So, in total, I wound up losing 8 pounds over the course of a month, and that’s with an insanely intense carb-heavy diet.
I was actually surprised that I didn’t gain more weight, and I was quite happy when I saw Dietrine really do its thing in the latter half of the month. For a few days I was actually getting quite discouraged as I thought that Dietrine wasn’t actually going to do anything. Yet, almost as if it knew what I was thinking, it came along and helped me shed the weight I gained and more.
I didn’t experience any side effects that I can attribute to Dietrine. If anything, I felt quite good for the entire time that I was on it.
I will admit that losing weight is tricky business, and any advantage that one might obtain is a definite help. However, many people have the wrong perception when it comes to weight loss supplements: in order to lose any weight in the long term you need to make life changes along with taking the supplement.
Dietrine appears to be no different to this rule, but that’s a good thing. Dietrine did its job and it did it well, despite my efforts to sabotage them. This is an indication of a good, well-rounded product that meets its expectations and delivers on its promises. In this industry that’s definitely a rare occurrence.

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